Wednesday, 2 November 2016


I am worn out from all this typing so I'll be back soon...

The many guises of Beryl and Edna...

L & C would love to dress me up more, but I hate having my photo taken and I can only wait a nano-second to get a treat that is being dangled in front of the piggies Beryl and Edna have taken over that role...

Here are their photos so far...  honestly some people have too much time on their hands!

A piggin' good read

Beryl's carrot chops are clashing with her bow

Didn't want Edna to feel left out

Bringing out her inner Pocahontas

All ready for their holidays

Happy halloween and watch out for the Zompigs!

If only there was smell-o-vision!

I have excelled myself recently....not only did I find some lovely fresh horse wee to roll in, I also went off on an adventure into the woods and returned covered in poo!  I don't even know what animal it was from, but it smelt just paw-tastic to me.

L was less pleased...there was the journey home in the car with all the windows down and then before I knew it I had been tied to the garden gate - oh no, I knew what was coming - a bath!

So out came the shampoo and bowlful after bowlful of warm water!  I managed to entertain L by barking throughout, just to let her know I was still there when she went to fill up the bowl again. Then after what seemed like years I was set free and I went straighht into the kitchen and shook all over the kitchen cupboards.

I was clean, but I could hear L and C muttering all evening that I still stank and I am such a dirty dog - I aim to please!

'I'm STILL here!'

Snowdogs everywhere!

Brighton is currently over run with dogs, they are literally everywhere...SnowDogs that is.

They have been designed by various artists and are dotted all around the city - we have been following the SnowDogs trail and are over half way through.  Here are my favourites...

Roodle (Retriever/Poodle cross) - he sooo fluffy!

BHAFC's Rose

GRRRace - based on the Peter James books

Under the Sea

The best one - Disco Dog!

Pirate dogs and picnic thieves!

L & C headed off for the day without me....apparently I wasn't allowed as there were too many fragile items where they were going....LegoLand!

They told me about all the things they saw such as Brighton made from lego and Star Wars characters, as well as getting soaked on the log flume (parents, tsk! what can you do with them!).  But of all the things these two sounded the best - pirate dogs and picnic thieves:

Oo ah me hearties

It wasn't me for once...

Summer of fun!

Hello everyone and soooooo sorry for not posting recently.  The summer seems to have flown by and I had a woof-tastic time!  I thought I would give you a quick run down of what I have been up to....

The summer was great with lots of sunshine, but I get soo hot.  L & C bought me a cool coat which is brilliant - it feels a bit wet and drippy when they first put it on but I stay lovely and cool in it...

Of course the other way to stay cool is to go for a dip - I just don't want to come out once I am in!  I look so sleek in the water!

The other new thing is I have a new dog walker.  F is great and I have the best time ever with the pack...and I am behaving myself!  Here I am with one of my buddies...we like to walk in step with each other!

Now it is getting cooler we will soon have muddy walks, which I also like (it is always fun watching L trying not to slip over!)

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

7 going on 7 months!

It's my birthday!  It's my birthday!  It's my birthday!

Sorry not to have posted for a while, not sure where the time has gone, but I have certainly had lots of fun!

So now I am 7 I think L & C are expecting me to be a bit calmer, but where is the fun it that?! Loads of people ask 'is he a puppy?' when we are out, so I am obviously doing something right.

I have heard rumours of presents and a cake later!

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