Sunday, 31 October 2010

My bro and sis

I was really excited on a recent doodle meet to have not just my brother Finn there, but also my sister Poppy. Check us out posing for the camera...

Me, Finn and Poppy

That blinking babble ball!

L bought me a babble ball which makes different animal noises when it is nudged. The horse noise is my favourite as it makes me rear up on my back legs just like a horse! Genius!

Check out this short clip of me trying to tame the babble ball.


We were out on the South Downs for an afternoon stroll and came across a dew pond which was perfect for a bit of snorkling, one of my favourite activities. I was a tad muddy afterwards!

I smell dirty water...

Lab x poodle x leaping deer


Ready and waiting...

Always keep your eye on the ball...

I could do this all day!

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Sooooo comfy!

Nighty night

I am not sure why, but L and C let me get up on the sofa. I have looked longingly at it many times before, but this time they succumbed to my pleading puppy eyes.
I jumped up and couldn't believe how comfy it was. I was soon settled in (with C sat on the floor as there wasn't room for her too!) and very sleepy.

I then thought I would see what the sofa tasted like and started to have a little nibble of the cushion...but before I knew it I was back on the floor with L muttering that I had blown it. Maybe next time (if there is a next time) I will have to refrain from the nibbling...

Settling in nicely

Avoiding eye contact

Look at know you want me to stay up here...

Face of innocence

Resting my heavy head

Keeping an eye on what's occurring