Saturday, 1 November 2014

Happy Halloween

I was a bit too tired to post this last night, but Happy Halloween everyone.

I got in the spirit (pardon the pun) by dressing up and looking scary, but I was soon worn out and decided to hang up my meat cleaver until next year..... 

That'll learn her!

L took me up to the hillock yesterday and it was pawtastic!

It was my first off lead walk all week and running around with the wind flapping my ears was brilliant!

It was all going so well until I turned around and L was crumpled up on the ground...honestly I take my eyes off her for one minute and bam she is on the floor!

Apparently, she had been trying to upload this photo of me to Facebook and she wasn't looking where she was going and fell down a rabbit hole.  It sounds like she went down hard as she has been saying all morning she feels bashed up (tsk, what can you do with them!)

Running free