Thursday, 14 August 2014

The water gang

While the weather has been so warm I have been going swimming quite a lot which as you all know is one of my favourite past times (as well as eating, stealing, clowning around etc).

Here's a photo of me and fellow water boys Tommy and Alfie:

And the gang having a run and a dip (yes I am trying to drink the whole pond!):

A tasty spot of lunch

I was out with F and Alfie and the gang on a lovely jaunt when there in front of me was a gift from the heavens....a rabbit (which Alfie had kindly taken care of the day before).

I grabbed it quick before the others did and then I was off, there was no catching me until my lunch had been devoured from it's ears to it's tail. 

I must admit it was very filling and I struggled to eat my dinner that evening (but of course I managed it).  Then I got L and C up in the night as I needed to...shall we say...go to the bathroom (or the garden in my case). 

It was definitely worth the tummy ache I had and I will be keeping my eyes peeled for future gifts from the heavens.

Corn dog

The farmer has been growing corn up on the hillock where we walk and it is great fun to run in and out of it, especially if there is another dog chasing me.

So much fun

But is has now been cut (boo), though check out the view!

Giant haystacks!

Evil Edna is 14!

Mini (aka Evil Edna) turned 14 years old at the start of the month.  I don't see her very often as she isn't very keen on playing with me (I have no idea why...'chase' is a brilliant game to play).

Here are some photos of the birthday girl

Looking at ghosties

Look at the face on that!

Disco cat!

One cool pooch

Recently the weather has been very, very warm and I get a bit hot under the collar, so L & C bought me this brilliant cool mat.  It is pawtastic and cools me down really quickly.  Though they often have their feet on it so I think I need to get in quick before they use it!