Thursday, 1 September 2011

Elvis has sadly left the building...

My brother Elvis the guinea pig passed away yesterday. L & C had taken him to the vets recently as he had been losing weight and they were trying to get him back to full health, but it wasn't to be.

Caroline was holding him when he went and she popped him back in the cage so our other piggy Bingo could say goodbye. Bingo promptly bit Elvis on the ear as if to say 'wake up' and then went to munch on some bran - not much gets in the way of Bingo eating!

L & C are very quiet and look very sad and apparently they will be burying him in the garden this evening (I have a feeling I might not be invited).

There is currently an Elvis shaped hole in the lawn where Elvis just ate around where he was standing the other day (he definately took after his namesake!)

Run free piggy-pog.