Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Sunbathing snakes and jumping toads

L&C took me for a walk up the railway trail last night. We didn't meet any other dogs which was a shame, but there was a lovely breeze sending lots of scents my way to investigate.

Halfway through our wander L&C came upon a snake which looked like a baby adder. It was lying in the middle of the path soaking up some rays.
Unfortunately, I can't confirm what kind of snake it was because I was very busy rolling around on my back, waving my legs in the air in a nearby golf bunker!
Then, this morning I was sniffing along the fence in the back garden and I got a shock when a toad jumped out from behind a piece of wood. He hopped away when I barked hello, so I didn't get the chance to invite him into my paddling pool for a swim.

Exterminate! Exterminate!

We went to the Emmaus open day on Saturday and there was this big grey thing that I hadn't seen before so I went over to investigate. I nearly jumped our of my fur when it started moving around, squirted water at me and was saying 'EXTERMINATE!'.
I don't mind telling you I was terrified and there was no way I was going near it again. L&C told me it is a dalek and not to be frightened, but I wasn't taking any chances.

We went for a look around and lots of people stroked me and said I looked handsome in my red paisley bandana. I then thought I had better conquer my fears and sat (sort of) close to the dalek thing. It was quiet this time so it must have been frightened of me!

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Knicker nicker!

Being called a Labrathief reminds me of when L & C used to affectionately call me a 'Knicker nicker'

It all started one summer's evening down the beach. I was only about 5 months old and C convinced L to let me off the lead as she didn't think I could run up the steep beach and get into any trouble. Well....I could run up it and went to see a teenager who was sunbathing. I fancied having a game of chase so I picked up the first thing I saw....her knickers! L & C were chasing me, waving their arms and shouting so they obviously enjoyed it too.

After about 5 minutes I tired and let them catch me and rescue the knickers which were half way down my gullet. L made C take them back 'as it was her idea to let the puppy off' and I was quickly taken home. In the car on the way back, I heard L muttering that she could hear Benny Hill music in her head and just what is the correct etiquette when your dog steals some pants?!

Who me?! Little innocent me...

Labrathief strikes again!

I don't know what all the fuss was about!

L & C took me to Stanmer Park for a walk in the woods and I was very excited. I ran over and picked up a little girl's football as I thought she might like to play and she started to cry, whoops! L & C were running around chasing me for the ball so I showed them some of my best moves - mainly waiting until they were really close and then darting in the opposite direction! I think they may have been shouting 'LEAVE' but I was having too much fun to notice. Eventually I dropped the ball and was put on the lead by L.

We walked further across the park and there weren't many people about so I was let off and decided to say hello to a lady sunbathing. She looked very surprised when my wet nose woke her up.

With my excellent eyesight I then spotted, right over the other side of the park, a picnic - fantastic! I ran over to see what was on offer and found myself a sandwich AND a piece of birthday cake. L came jogging over (I know, jogging!) and apologised to the woman. Apparently the cake was for her friend who wouldn't be very happy. Who could not be happy about cake?!

Checking the Picnic Police weren't after me

I've been on my hols!

L & C have been away on holiday (without me, sob...sob...) and so I have been to stay with C's parents. I had a fantastic time! Mini Cat came too, but she was boring and hid, I mean slept, upstairs most of the time.

I love going to stay as there is a whole new house to explore, a different grassy area in the back garden I try and get on to (I'm not allowed on it at their house either, damn!) and lots of opportunities for mischief!

I had lots of fun trying to reach the birds' fat ball, but then this got moved. I 'helped' with the patio plants by digging over the soil a bit and then found a brush for the mess, but prefered to have a chew on it (getting those bristles out from in between my teeth proved very problematic).

I was taken on lots of lovely walks and went swimming at Netley which was great.

My dainty entrance into the water

Is it Nessy?

A post-swim itch
I overheard someone saying I can come again next year for a week, but I think really they would like me back to stay much sooner than that!

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Spot the difference...

I went for a doodle dash in some lovely woods yesterday and was very very excited as my brother Finn was there AND my sister Tilly! We had a mooch through the trees and met lots of families with small children (some were eating delicious ice creams), but we were really well behaved.

A very handsome border terrier joined us for a bit (L wanted to dognap him and take him home) but then we reunited him with his owners.

I am the spitting image of my sister Poppy and Finn and Tilly are almost identical - spot the difference below...

Poppy and me

Tilly and Finn

Tilly, me and Finn

Friday, 4 June 2010

Where did all the water go?!

L & C bought home Terry the Turtle paddling pool for me and it is pawtastic! The weather has been very hot and cooling off my tooties was lovely!

I wanted to make sure the water was ok so had a little taste as Terry was being filled up...

Click below to check out how tasty it was...

Then the fun began... for some reason L had to keep filling it back up for me!

Here's Mini!

I managed to get Mini to sit still and have her photo taken. As you can see she is not best pleased...

This is how you usually find her. L & C are always saying it is a hard life being a cat, but I don't see it myself.

I really want to be friends with Mini, but she runs away when I bound over to see her. If only she would let me show her how friendly I can be....

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Introducing my housemates Bingo and Elvis...

I thought it was time to introduce my 'brothers' Bingo and Elvis to you. They live in the alcove under the stairs in a lovely big cage. Though, I do find they can be very noisy chatting away to each other all the time and squeeking for food when it is no where near dinner time!



L & C don't need a lawn mover as the boys run free in the back garden and trim the grass. They are especially good at trimming the edges (this is when I am having a snooze as I do get a little bit too excited watching them run around).

And here they are the first time they got dressed up. I did find some nibble marks on the tinsel...

I will try and get a photo of Mini the cat, but she is a quick one and hard to catch (and boy have I tried to catch her!)

Ready for take off...

L has been trying out an SLR digital camera and got some shots of me running as fast as I can (and that is pretty fast, let me tell you!).

It seems I have always had large ears (all the better to hear the rustle of the treat bag). I'm not sure why they nicknamed me Dumbo as a young pup...