Thursday, 24 July 2014

Fun in the sun

We have been having a splashing time in all this hot weather.  I got to do my favourite past time of C throwing pebbles into the water and me swimming to retrieve them - though I haven't got one yet as they have always disappeared when I get to them! Pesky things!

Doggy dash

L and C took me to Pride Dog show at the weekend and they entered me into the Doggy Dash.  I had to run towards C as fast I could (the time to beat was 3.6 seconds!).  So L held my collar and then I was off running as fast as I could....but not quick enough I'm afraid - 4.7 seconds.  But I got a certificate (which L has proudly put on the fridge) and a toy bunny.  Below are the 'before' and 'after' photos....poor bunny!

There's a voice that keeps on calling me...

L & C took me to a new place for walkies - Ashdown Forest.  It was paw-tastic and it was a hot day, but I managed to sniff out all the water holes and mud holes for a cool down along the way. 

Just call me Bond....James Bond

I have been to a great James Bond themed party at L and S's house.  Don't I look dashing?!

Uggers the cat was there so I tried to get him to play, but he just wanted to go to sleep on top of the bin and however much I barked at him he stayed put (nothing like Mini-cat at home)

I also had lots of lovely food including beef, sausages and a little bit of ice cream - yum!  Then a walk over the park where I headed straight into the river for a cool down. 

Not sure what the theme of next years party will be...but it is bound to be good!

Catch of the day - squirrel!

I got it! I got it!

Unfortunately it was just lying there in my toy box so not too much effort on my part, but I still caught it!

5 year anniversary!

L and C collected me just over five years ago (11th July 2009) and brought me home to what I like to call the 'fun house'.
I have kept them on their toes with lots of stealing (including pants, socks, cushions, mobile phones, knives!), raided picnics wherever possible, constant counter surfing and I have even managed to turn on the gas twice! 
There has been a lot of swearing in this house, but I have also created lots of laughter!