Friday, 24 December 2010

Merry Christmas!

From me...
And Bingo and Elvis...

Nothing from the cat I'm afraid as she is asleep as usual!

Snow sends me doodle-lally!

Recently there has been all this brilliant white stuff falling from the sky. I love it! Rolling in it is great fun and C makes it into a ball and I try to catch it (though for some reason it sort of disapears?!)

Sunday, 31 October 2010

My bro and sis

I was really excited on a recent doodle meet to have not just my brother Finn there, but also my sister Poppy. Check us out posing for the camera...

Me, Finn and Poppy

That blinking babble ball!

L bought me a babble ball which makes different animal noises when it is nudged. The horse noise is my favourite as it makes me rear up on my back legs just like a horse! Genius!

Check out this short clip of me trying to tame the babble ball.


We were out on the South Downs for an afternoon stroll and came across a dew pond which was perfect for a bit of snorkling, one of my favourite activities. I was a tad muddy afterwards!

I smell dirty water...

Lab x poodle x leaping deer


Ready and waiting...

Always keep your eye on the ball...

I could do this all day!

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Sooooo comfy!

Nighty night

I am not sure why, but L and C let me get up on the sofa. I have looked longingly at it many times before, but this time they succumbed to my pleading puppy eyes.
I jumped up and couldn't believe how comfy it was. I was soon settled in (with C sat on the floor as there wasn't room for her too!) and very sleepy.

I then thought I would see what the sofa tasted like and started to have a little nibble of the cushion...but before I knew it I was back on the floor with L muttering that I had blown it. Maybe next time (if there is a next time) I will have to refrain from the nibbling...

Settling in nicely

Avoiding eye contact

Look at know you want me to stay up here...

Face of innocence

Resting my heavy head

Keeping an eye on what's occurring

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Whatever next?!

This week on my walks on the south downs I have met numerous dogs and a horse with rider that I ran over to see. I thought the horse might want to play so I danced around behind it for a bit and then jumped up to give it a gentle tug on his tail, just so he knew I was there. The rider and the horse turned round, but then I ran back to C.

Then the next day I was wandering along having a sniff, when the smell of meat hit me. I ran over to where it was coming from and there was a man with a falcon! I have never seen one before, but I must admit I was slightly more interested in the meat!

What will I see tomorrow....?

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Champion peg pinger!

I have a new hobby!

Are you is jumping up and pinging the pegs off the washing line. Some of them even fly into next door's garden, priceless!

I also enjoy pinging clothes off the line, but the pegs are more fun. The washing line is pretty high so I am getting very strong leg muscles.

L & C are plotting to not let me on that part of the garden, but until the barricades go up I think I'll carry on....

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Beach hut fury!

L & C took me for a wander along the promenade at the beach today. Things were all going smoothly and then it suddenly descended into chaos!

I ran over to meet a huskie dog who was sitting outside it's owners beach hut. The dog jumped up to meet me, but the the owners obviously didn't want us to meet and tried to shoo me away. I then spotted they had some plates of food and trotted round to see what it was and then it all went pear shaped - they ran forward and their dog leapt up at the table and everything went flying. The plates clattered to the floor and the table tipped over.

The man was shouting at me and waving his arms. L came running over to calm the situation and the man and woman both started really shouting at her. They said I was out of control (not true!) and that their lunch was ruined (true, but it was THEIR dog that sent it flying!). Before L could apologise, offer to replace their lunch etc, the woman shouted that she wouldn't accept an apology and so off we went to leave them to it.

While all the shouting was going on I went and sat next to C like a good boy. I am glad I have nice owners....

We then walked further along the beach and I got to have a lovely swim.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Plop and I was in!

We have been making the most of the sunny weather and been to the beach a lot. After a marathon swimming session (I don't seem to be able to catch any of the stones C throws in?!) we wandered around the lagoon on our way back to the car.

I ran over to meet the swans that have recently returned, though they weren't that keen about meeting me. I then thought I would have a little sniff of the swan poo that had collected at the corner of the lagoon. Only I leant over a bit too far and the next thing I knew I was underwater.

When I surfaced I could see from the look on L & C's faces that I must have looked a treat. All I know is the car windows were wound right down on the way home and then I was hosed off!

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

A dash with my brother and some local doods

While on my hols we met up with some friends for a wander through the woods. I am looking forward to some muddy walks in the months to come.

Finn, Didi, Archie and Betty

Teddy and Caspian leaping for a treat

Yes, we sniffed out the water

We have discovered a new beach!

L and C took me to investigate the beach between Goring-by-sea and Ferring and it was lovely. I met lots of different dogs and had a run along the pebbles with Poppy the springer spaniel.

No more pocket money for me...

I just couldn't resist the allure of L's rubber flip flop (alas they were her favourite ones). They were just there saying 'go on, have a little chew, you know you want to!'

This was the end result...

Also I was a bit bored the other night and thought I would see what I could siphon in to my crate. When C came down in the morning I had an impressive stash of:
  • L's waterproof jacket (including a rip to the front and back) - that took me a while to get it all inside the crate, phew!
  • My collar (now with a chewed buckle that won't close)
  • My lead (still intact)

Mud, mud, glorious mud!

L and C took me doodle dashing on Mersea Island with some Essex doods and as the tide was out there was plently of mud about.

Me and Wispa checking out the pillbox

Louie (with mud socks) demonstrating his famous 'beg' trick

A quick dip to clean the mud off before we go in it again on the way back

After a quick clean off and a rub down we headed to L's aunt LC's for Sunday lunch. It was brilliant - every time LC disapeared she came back with a piece of chicken or beef for me (better than that dried stuff I usually get). I then helped myself to a homemade short bread biscuit for desert. A paw-fect day!

A bracing walk at Lee-on-the-Solent

We went to visit C's parents and all went for a walk along the seafront. It was a very, very blustery day and there were big waves, but I braved it for a quick dip.

We then headed for a pub lunch at The Jolly Sailor where apparently Howard's Way was filmed a long time ago. Never heard of it myself...

Pick Your Own

I have discovered a great snack while out on my afternoon walks - pick your own blackberries. Of course I just take the juciest, tastiest ones.

Selecting the perfect one...

In I go...

Monday, 9 August 2010

I am exhausted after such a brilliant weekend!

L & C had friends to visit for the weekend and so I thought why should they have all the fun and went to stay at CG's house. CG takes me for occasional walks and it is always great fun, but this was the first time I had been to stay overnight.

L & C dropped me off on Saturday morning and I ran in to the house to find my goldendoodle mates Didi and Archie, two choccie labradoodles, a springer, a bishon frise and Pip (not sure what mix Pip is?!)

We were soon running around the garden and L & C were quickly forgotten (sorry!). We all headed out for a walk on the South Downs and met some moody sheep we quickly retreated from - they definately didn't want to play. Archie then found a nice fresh cow pat to have a roll in so he was no longer a cream coloured dood!

We spent the rest of the day playing and sleeping and Archie gave my ears a nice clean and brush up (cleaning other dog's ears is his 'thing' - frankly he does such a good job he should start charging for it!).

L & C came back the next morning and I didn't want to leave - I can't wait to go again!

Monday, 2 August 2010

..and then she was flying through the air!

L, C and I went for an early evening walk yesterday and there were sooo many dogs to meet and play with.

About half way round the walk I stopped to meet a dog and L and C carried on walking. They called me and of course I went running back to them as I am a good boy. The next thing I know L and I are crumpled up on the ground! I’m not sure what happened, but somehow I ran into the back of L’s legs, sent her flying, she landed on me and I squeeled really loudly. Luckily we were both fine. C was doubled over laughing and then L joined in, so I knew I wasn’t in trouble, phew!

I’m not sure how it happened, but it certainly turned into an eventful walk!

Friday, 30 July 2010

It's not just any's M&S chicken

I was having a lovely sleep yesterday when I was woken up by the aroma of hot roast chicken. My nose was twitching and then the drooling started. Then low and behold the chicken was just there on the counter top and it must have been for me (musn't it?), so I jumped up and grabbed it.

The next thing I know there is shouting and I am being chased for MY chicken! Apparently it was C's mum's chicken, whoops! C got it off me and I didn't want to give it up, but it wasn't all bad as I got it for my dinner later on.

I was sure it was for me...

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Beaten my own glove eating record!

Well I am very proud to announce that I have a new personal best of how long a glove can sit in my tummy before it comes back up....drum roll please....13 days! This is only my second attempt, but it is a big improvement on just 10 days last time.

I wonder what else is swimming around in there....?

You never know what you might find to eat....

I just wanted to play with the guinea-pigs...honest!

L & C took me out for a great day on Sunday. I had no idea where we were going so was very excited when the car stopped and my mate Dan the labrador came running over for a play.
I then spotted Dan's seven week old puppies. There are seven of them and they were relaxing in the garden after having their lunch. L was holding one of the boys that needs a home, but C said we don't have room and eventually prized him away from her. To be honest they weren't as much fun as bigger dogs so I went off exploring.

We all then jumped back in the car and went to a BBQ hosted by R & E. I met Sky the pomapoo who was itching to meet me, but I think my size put her off a bit.

L & C unclipped my lead so I had a mooch around the garden and came across Elvis and Toffee the guinea-pigs. They were trapped in a large run and they told me they wanted to get out so I hatched an escape plan. This involved me sticking my whole head under the wire and into the run. I was just about to set them free when I felt a yank from behind and I was swiftly removed from the area by C. I just wanted to play with them!

A picture of innocence...

When the guinea-pigs went home to their hutch later, I was allowed off lead and managed to snaffle more food (I had already had sausages and a burger) and had a nice glug of water from the swimming pool. A very enjoyable day all in all.