Thursday, 30 October 2014

On the mend...

Just a quick pupdate to let you all know I am on the mend. 

The swelling in my face has gone down so I am back to my beautiful self and I have been enjoying all the home cooked meals I have been given.  The vet said I need to have a 'white food' diet, so L & C have been cooking me chicken, fish, pasta and rice and I have also had some natural yogurt dolloped on top (a personal favourite!).

I am on restricted exercise for a few days, so just lead walks, but last night I was feeling better so I had a doodle dash around the pool table, but it might have been a mistake as it did me in!

Think I will take it easy today.

Snoozing doodle

Monday, 27 October 2014

I'm not well!

I am poorly.....and feeling very sorry for myself.  I have been to the vets three times in as many days and I have been prodded and poked everywhere!

I have gastroenteritis and had to go to the vet hospital yesterday to have an x-ray to make sure I didn't have an object in my tummy (just because I have previous form for swallowing things such as gloves and dirty nappies.....I don't see why it was necessary!).  Anyway they sedated me and made me feel very drunk and then gave me lots of different drugs to make me feel better. 
Unfortunately I had an allergic reaction to one of the drugs and my face puffed up like a pumpkin (and it isn't even halloween for another week!).  I was given another drug to reduce the swelling, but it was still there this morning so off we went to the vets again and apparently I need lots of rest, drugs and nice food like chicken or fish (that is the only good part of this whole saga).  The drugs are making me very wobbly and sleepy so I am off for a nap now.

No laughing please at the following photos:

Yesterday - very swollen around the chops

Today - still puffed up and very wobbly!

A cake gift from the gods!

We have been on our holidays again to the lovely Southwold in Suffolk.  I can't express how brilliant it is with lovely beaches, great walks, fantastic pubs and a cosy cottage.

Sunday was particularly magic when a pain au chocolat was given to me.....ok, I tell a small white lie....I did steal it from a couple sat on the beach, but I could just tell they would find it funny, which they did!
After much apologising and offering of money by L & C we continued along the beach and there, as if it had fell down from heaven, was a five pack of custard doughnuts!  Admittedly they were very close to a man and his two sons, but surely they were up for grabs - which is exactly what I did.  C gave chase and got the bag off me before I even had the chance to try one, darn it!  The man wasn't quite so happy as the previous couple, but his two sons were doubled over laughing so that's ok then.

Here are some photos of our hols:

Sunshine and cakes!

One of my favourite places

Hours of fun

'Throw the ball now!'

Keep on swimming...

Surfer doodle riding those waves

Result of a good time

There were lots of pub visits, bored now...

Check out this beach!

Red sky at night...