Tuesday, 28 May 2013

My bog had runneth dryeth

Alas, yesterday we went out for a run and my bog had runneth dryeth....

 ....but hoorah my rain dance has worked as it has rained nearly all day today so I will be back to bog snorkelling before I know it.

Birthday Doodle Bundle!!!!!

I had a wooftastic doodle birthday meet.

There were eleven doodles in total: Me, Finn (my brother), Moose, Archie, Molly, Jago (Goldendoodle), Harper, Dexter, Harvey, Teddy and Ben (Beagle/Poodle cross - not sure of the name for this one...a 'Poogle' maybe?) 

It was a hot and sunny day, but there were still plenty of puddles to run through, dive into and if you are Archie lie down in!

There were also tons of picnics and BBQs so I was sniffing the air like crazy, but I didn't get to join in with any of them as L & C put me on the lead well before we got back to the car park, darn it.

Here are some photos.....(some of the doodles looked very similar so I might have got some of the names wrong):

Moose and Jago

Me, Harper, Molly and Moose
Me and my old buddy Archie
Ben the Poogle
Me, Moose and Archie
Molly and Archie

Moose, Finn, Archie and me
Nothing like a birthday splash to cool down

Saturday, 18 May 2013

I am 4 today!

Happy Birthday to me!!!!!!

I am having a pawtastic day. L and I have been for a long walk down to the pet shop to get some doggy beer for my special day.  The walk was brilliant, so many new smells and lots of different lamp posts for me to christen.

The first pet shop was out of doggy beer, but the lovely lady behind the till gave me a dog treat.  And no doggy beer at the other pet shop, but again I got lots of strokes and a yummy treat, result.

L & C have just given me a scrummy birthday cake which I devoured in 2 minutes and my presents were some treats and erm....a giant bow tie!  I have to admit I was a bit dubious, but I look very dashing in it.  Check out the photos below...

Let's party!

Bow tie birthday boy
How dashing do I look?

Friday, 17 May 2013

Don't call me Gappy!

I broke a tooth on a pebble at the beach a few years ago and on Sunday I was in awful pain and had a big swollen face on the right hand side.  L & C quickly decided that I had an abscess under the broken tooth and I was taken off to the vets on Monday for some antibiotics.  It is great as the pills are hidden in a lovely piece of ham (they think I don't know they are in there, doh!)

So yesterday I went back to that place I love called 'the vets' (I always like going there as there are lots of lovely smells and sometimes in the waiting room I get to stare at a cat in a basket).  Anyway, the nurse led me around the back and that is the last thing I remember (apart from some very vivid dreams) until I was collected late afternoon.

I had the broken tooth removed, plus another tooth that had split and an epulis removed (a common lump that dogs can get).  Yesterday evening was a bit of a blur and L & C kept smiling at me in that 'oh dear, we have a poorly pup' way and I did some excellent swaying side to side when I tried to stand up.

This morning I am back in the room!!  Feeling much better (though my mouth is still a little sore).  I tried to steal a ball out of the back of the car before C could notice, but she saw me and took it straight off me (I'll try and nab it again later). 

Just don't call me Gappy!

Sooooo sleepy

Scary cat!

C has been trying out some of the effects on her ipad and below are the results...scary or what?!

Disco diva!

Psychedelic cat