Monday, 24 February 2014

Birthday celebrations

L had her birthday last weekend and while I went for a brilliant walk with F and Alfie she headed to Drusillas to check out the animals.  I did overhear L say she might pop a meerkat in her bag, but she definitely came back empty handed as I checked everywhere around the house.

Here are the cheeky meerkats and the loveable capybaras...


Close up!

We have had sooo much wet weather and I have loved every minute of it.  Here is a close up of my muddy chops...

Space Dog!

L and C took me swimming which was paw-tastic and then I ran to the top of the bmx track and managed to cut one of the pads on my foot on a piece of flint.  I was very brave and walked it off and when I got home L & C checked it out and decided I needed a visit to the vets, though in the meantime they kitted me out with a black sock and then a silver boot on top of that...I looked like Space Dog!

The weather was really wet and it was difficult to keep it dry so every time I went outside I had to have a bag over the sock and then the boot on and as you can see it didn't keep my foot dry when I ran into deep puddles!

The vet was happy with how it was healing and told L and C to keep it dry (or as dry as possible) for a couple of weeks. It was a long two weeks, but it is all mended now.

Here I am sporting my new look....

Before...nice and clean


It wasn't waterproof!

Sporting the poo bag ensemble

Christmas jumpers!

At Grandma S and Granddad D's we all wore Christmas jumpers (expect for L & C who wore t-shirts instead, tsk!).  Here I am sporting my jumper and don't I look dashing...

Barbara and Elsie couldn't find any jumpers they liked so they went for Christmas hats...

Long time no blog...

Blimey, it has been ages since I blogged so I thought I had better update you all on what I have been up to.

Firstly, I had a great Christmas.  I got a present through the post from Santa Paws.  I was sooooooo excited.  Usually I de-stuff toys in about 2 minutes flat, but this one has survived an Ollie onslaught.

Let me at it


Trying to de-squeek it