Monday, 12 August 2013

How wet can Tara get?!

C's parent's dog Tara just can't get enough of my paddling pool Terrance.  I dip my feet in and kick the water on my belly, but this is taking it to a whole 'nother level!

An open top bus, ale and ice-cream

L and C went on an open top bus 'ale trail' on Saturday with people from their local.  I would have loved it (my ears flapping in the wind up on the top deck...) but instead I had a woof-tastic day at F's house and spent all day running around with Alfie. 

Their carriage awaits

L & C seemed a bit merry on their return so I decided to be a good boy and slept in the following morning.  I think they were a bit surprised by this!  We then headed out to a garden centre (I got soooo many strokes) and then up to Ditchling Beacon for a walk.  It was brilliant, you could see for miles and I saw horses, bike riders and lots of dogs. 

The best thing was I fluttered my eyelashes at the ice-cream man and he made me my own ice-cream!

Check out the view:

You can just see the sea in the distance

Doodling on the Downs

Words can't describe how good it was!

Up on my lovely hillock

The weather has been lovely and sunny lately and C and I have been having some great strolls up on my favourite hillock.  My bog is still as dry as a bone, but I am having fun running in and out of the corn instead.

Here are some photos...

Hope there are no children in the corn?!

On my way to check out my bog

Who is that handsome boy in the crops?