Monday, 29 July 2013

Would just like to say...

...I don't know what happened to Boo....honest...

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Nicey Nice

Well I am back from a brilliant holiday with C's folks and their pooch Tara.  I can honestly say we have played non-stop apart from when I was having a nibble on a few things.  The things that I owe them for are:

- one flat cap (sorry!)
- 2 bread rolls
- a bag of uncooked rice (I only ripped the packet)
- a bag of watercress (see above)
- a whole pack of butter (which came back up all over the living room floor.....sorry...)

Anyway, while Tara and I were mucking around, L and C were off in Nice watching le Tour de France team time trial (I wasn't allowed to go with them...something about not having a passport, but I am sure that's just an excuse).

They had a brilliant time and enjoyed lots of sunshine, plus good food and wine.  Here are some photos they just showed me, pretty good hey?

The biggest yellow jersey I have ever seen
Amateur time trial..L&C didn't fancy it
La Caravane de Tour

Team Garmin with David Miller
Team Sky!

Team Movistar
OPQuick Step, Cavendish is there somewhere!

All the freebies they got, not bad hey?!
Worm out after a days cycling