Friday, 21 May 2010

I'm famous! (well not really...)

A new poster has appeared in my living room and it features me! Well to tell the features a very handsome, regal looking dog that could be my twin.

It was designed by a very talented local graphic designer and L said she just had to have it because:
  1. it reminded her of me
  2. the colour matches the cushions(!)
  3. I have been known to eat a book or two so the quote is very apt (not sure what she is talking about???!)

Here it is:

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

It's my 1st Birthday! (Part 2)

I had a lovely walk at lunch time, well more of a chase after a whippet - you'll be surprised to hear I couldn't catch him! I then caught some zzzzzzz's so as to look my best for my birthday photos. C also 'furminated' me and the back garden looks like a gorilla has had a fight out there.
I am very pleased with my birthday pressies - I got a new ball thrower (tastes good!), a new bandana (soon to be grubby!), a bottle of doggy beer (soon to be sampled!) and a new collar, lead and tag (L & C said I had to have a new set as something(?) had chewed the last one....there must be mice in the house...)

Here are some photos of my stash:

The disco is about to start so I'm off to get my dancing shoes on.

It's my 1st birthday! (Part 1)

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me.....

I am very excited it's my birthday today! I have spied some presents, but L & C say I can't have them until tonight (spoil sports). There was also mention of some disco dancing happening tonight...'I'm in the mood for dancing...'

I started off the day by regurgitating a tennis ball skin that I ate a good week ago - it needed to come out and what better day?
This morning, what I thought was going to be a boring road walk (wearing my dreaded head collar), turned into a fantastic play fight with Benji the 8 year old labrador. Check out my slicked back locks afterwards (how on earth did my bandana get so grubby?!).

L & I then carried on our jaunt and I made sure I stopped to bark at some ghosties in the graveyard. L could be heard saying 'there's nothing there', but I know different....

I am off for a walk with my favourite dog walkers at lunchtime and then home for a rest before the present opening starts.
It seems today is 'all about me', though L & C have been known to say every day is about me, the cheek of it! More later...

Sunday, 16 May 2010

I've been doodle dashing...

I have had a paw-tastic day! L & C took me to a local park to meet 12 other doodles - heaven! Just in case you don't know it is my birthday on Tuesday and this was my birthday treat.

L was busy yesterday making birthday treats for all the doods that came along. Don't they look yummy...

Here are some of the doodles and I am in there somewhere trying to scrounge a treat...

We ran around for over an hour, sought out a dead badger (I was a good boy and didn't sample it), jumped over fallen trees and doodle dashed our hearts out.

Afterwards L & C needed some liquid refreshment so we popped to a local watering hole and this is me at my handsome best!

Heading off to bed now as all this fun is very tiring. More from me soon.

Friday, 14 May 2010

The chase is on...

The birds were having a lovely sing-song this morning, so I seized the day and got up at 5.35am! L came down to the kitchen looking a trifle bleary eyed (can't think why?), so I thought I would wake her up with some games of chase...

Firstly, the tv remote control somehow landed in my mouth! I had seen L on that Wii Fit board thingy so thought a bit of jogging after me for 10 minutes would be good for her.

Secondly, the Wii stand jumped into my mouth and another chase was on. I had so much fun and was really rather tired after all that running about.

It had obviously made L hungry so she made some toast, but she looked full up to me so I jumped up and grabbed myself a bit (even I have to admit I was like lighting). L used one of those bad words that I don't really understand. I decided to let her know how much I enjoyed it by sitting next to her and doing a satisfactory burp, pardon me! When C got home I heard L grumbling that I was a 'labrathief' and she was going to work for a rest...strange that?!
Time for a nap now.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Nearly that special day!

I am very very excited as it is nearly my birthday! Only a few days to wait now.
L & C have aranged a doodle meet with lots of local doods (they think I don't know, but I understand a lot more than they think!) Some of my brothers and sisters will hopefully be there and L is busy baking birthday biscuits for the doods that come for a dash. I will get L & C to post some photos so you can see how much fun I had. I'm hoping there are some muddy puddles to run through, one of my favourite past-times.

Plus, let me introduce myself are some photos of me growing into the handsome (and modest) chap you now see before you.

Wasn't I cute?

Butter wouldn't melt...

I have a lot to say...

Excuse me...could someone help me please?

L & C say I was crossed with a pony...