Thursday, 26 January 2012

A bit of a tight squeeze

L & C know how I love to lie (when I do lie down, which isn't often!) right up against the sofa. Well imagine my shock when there is suddenly this new thing called a 'footstool' right where I like to be.

I could have admitted defeat and found a new spot, but NO, I managed to get my old spot back...

Monday, 9 January 2012

Does my nose look big in this...?

L was trying out Grandma S's new camera and this was the result of the 'fisheye lens' setting :

Cartoon dog

Looking like I have had to much doggy beer...

Thursday, 5 January 2012

I still smell!

A couple of days ago I got L & C up nice and early and we went down to the beach for a wander. Well, I don't know what it was, but there was this pile of stuff on the beach and it smelt soooo lovely that I just had to have a roll around in it. I then ran over to L & C and they started gagging and saying how disgusting I smelt - not sure what all the fuss was about to be honest.

They then threw my ball into the lagoon, apparently to help get rid of the smell, but it did no good, so they put me to bed in the hope the smell would be better once I was wasn' off we go to the river for a swim....still very smelly apparently.

Then when we get home I am suddenly cornered around the side of the house and given a shampoo. I was not best pleased and L & C weren't too happy with how wet they got (and then Mini was sick in the bedroom and there was talk of 'not having any more blooming pets...')

So anyway 3 days later there is still a slight fishy smell following me around, but I am sure it will go soon........

My new jumper and a comedy Christmas

I had a woof-tastic Christmas with lots of lovely walks along the beach near Grandma S and Grandpa D's house. For Christmas Grandma S knitted me the best jumper ever! How cool do I look? (It is a little bit snug across my chest, but that just makes me look very manly!)

Not sure why they thought a skull and cross bones would be fitting?!

More presents - check out my brilliant Adnams water bowl

We also had a bit of a comedy Christmas day. Firstly, Grandma S was making a trifle and didn’t have a whisk to whip the cream with so the next thing I know Grandpa D appears from the garage with a teaspoon stuck into the end of his electric drill! Needless to say it didn't work and cream went everywhere! Grandpa D then says ‘I wonder if a fork would work?’, but he didn't try and a good old spatula did the job, phew!

Then secondly, L's cousin usually gets her something foody for Christmas and she get's the same for him. So Aunt L bought the presents with her and L & C got some chocolates and Aunt Z had a tin of M&S biscuits. Later Aunt Z fancied a biscuit and opened the tin to find it full of...wait for it....bulldog clips!!!!
Aunt Z and L looked at each other and then burst into hysterics and couldn’t stop. I didn't know what was going on!! Aunt Z is 9 months pregnant if that didn’t bring the baby on then nothing would! Basically, either L's cousin or his girlfriend had wrapped them up by accident!

I got a little bit dirty down the beach...

It was a brilliant day and I finally surrendered to a nap