Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Now I am six

I know it is hard to believe, but I am now six!!!  How did that happen?!  After all the scrapes I get into I am doing pretty well.

L & C were off on their holibops in Majorca for my actual birthday (the cheek of it!) so I had my cake when they got back.  I have to admit it didn't last long and I didn't offer to share it.

Below are a few photos from their holidays - it looks ok I suppose...

Beautifully decorated

Let me at it!

Can I have this everyday?

Pollensa Old Town

Soller Port

L & C walked up these 365 steps!

Tram to Soller

Puerto Pollensa

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Been in the wars!

I have had a lump in my mouth for a little while now and L & C decided it was time for it to be removed and for me to also have a bit of a teeth clean.  They didn't tell me this beforehand so I happily trotted into the vets a few weeks ago and the next thing I know I am coming round and feeling very spaced out.

C picked me up and I managed to jump into the car, but when we got home she had to lift me out.  I spent the rest of the evening having vivid dreams while snoozing on the sofa.

Space cadet

Then it all went wrong - I got gastroenteritis again!  Not fun at all, so back to the vets we went and they jabbed me to stop me being sick and gave C more drugs to give to me.

I was feeling rotten and no morsel of delicious food would pass my lips for nearly three days - I think L and C were starting to get worried!

Then after releasing some gas, which was obviously causing a blockage, I was suddenly hungry.  I had a little bread that evening and then the next morning scoffed the chicken and rice that was given to me.

As I was feeling better I thought it was high time I started licking my leg where they had shaved it for the iv drip.  It was starting to itch where the hair was growing back so I was happily licking away.  L tried to stop me by putting various bandages on my leg, but I wasn't scuppered at all and ripped them all off so I could carry on licking.

First bandage

Third bandage and unrepentant

The following day I was left home alone and when C came home at lunchtime I surprised her by being in the hall waiting for her....Houdini doodle strikes again!  I had managed to get the baby gate in the kitchen open and unfortunately I was caught short in the living room and left two 'presents' on the cream carpet (when you gotta go, you gotta go).  I had also got a little peckish on my adventure and found four packets of cat food on the stairs so I ripped them open and ate the lot and then upstairs I found another three packets - brilliant!
Anyway Caroline ushered me into the kitchen and put me in the 'cone of shame' to stop me licking my leg.

Cone of shame

After a diet of chicken and rice and all sorts of drugs including feeling spacey on tramadol, I was eventually better and my mouth was healing well.  But I couldn't stop my licking my leg, so I have only just stopped wearing the cone...nearly 6 weeks after my op!

I think I had better keep out of trouble for a bit....