Saturday, 19 May 2012

So many names...

As well as oodles of names for me L & C also have lots of names for my housemates Mini the cat and Bingo the guinea-pig.

Firstly, Mini:

  • Mini

  • Minkles

  • Pudna cat

  • Stinker

  • Misog

  • Evils

  • Evil Edna

  • Biscuit belly

  • Mini Dave


  • Bingo

  • Baddabings

  • Bingetta

  • Ginger nuts

  • Little fella

  • Guinea boy

  • Guingal

  • Sir Squeak-Alot

  • Bingo Dave

I am 3

It was my 3rd birthday yesterday and I had a woof-tastic day.

Firstly we went to the pet shop to choose my present. Of course I headed straight to the food aisle.

Then it was to the park for a birthday run.

How am I going to get my mouth around that?

Check out the smiley birthday boy

My homemade cake (lovingly made by L in about two minutes)

Presents! (the kitten on the card looks tasty...mmmm)

Let me at it!

They let me at it...and this was the result after 5 minutes, oops

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

I've been hoofing around!

C took me for a walk up near the big tower and I found some buried treasure.....I sniffed out in the mud a hoof, result! I'm not sure whether it was a cow's or a horse's but I was very impressed with it. C was less so.....

Of course I wasn't going to give it up or go back to her in case it was taken off me. C asked a man with four weimaraners to help her catch me and finally I got cornered. Then I got a second chance at freedom - C accidently dropped my lead, so I ran off again!

I could tell C was getting annoyed, but it was sooo much fun (and she was only 30 minutes late for work!)

A new toy!

We have just returned from visiting L's folks for a few days. They live near a lovely sandy beach so I get to walk there and it is brilliant.

Due to the light mornings and birds tweating I have been getting L & C up very early so there we were walking along the beach just before 6am when I found a new toy! As I ran towards them C said 'Oh my god, Ollie has got a willy in his mouth!'
I thought this pink, tube shaped toy was brilliant and was throwing it up in the air and catching it and throwing it at their feet in the hope they would throw it for me....which they would not! I then heard L say something about it being a pink, willy shaped vibrator - whatever one of them is?!

I finally left it when they got out my favourite ball and thought, because of the earlier reaction, I'd better ignore it when we walked back past it on the way to the car.

I dunno what all the fuss was about....

Monday, 14 May 2012

What's my name?

L & C have so many names for me (54 and counting so far!), so is it any wonder I am a little bit deaf when it comes to paying attention to them...I just don't know if they are talking to me!

  • Ollie

  • Ollievera

  • Oliver

  • Nobbles

  • Nobs

  • Pup

  • Puppy

  • Mr Snouter

  • Pupster

  • Dave

  • Doggy Dave

  • Pupedy

  • Snouter

  • Snouts McGrouts

  • Woofups

  • Oi

  • Numpty

  • Doodle

  • Dude

  • Poodle Legs

  • Spindles

  • Trotskies

  • Trottles

  • Boo boo

  • Crazy legs

  • Waggedies

  • Fluffety butts

  • Gordon

  • Deer legs

  • Bandies

  • Big ears

  • Earols

  • Ols

  • Beadies

  • Ears

  • Monkey chops

  • Old man

  • Dark destroyer

  • Unbelievable teckers

  • Snapping turtle

  • Baldy

  • Labrasmootie

  • Labradonkey

  • Kleptodoodle

  • Schnozzle

  • Champion doodle dasher

  • Slapada lips

  • Tiredy boy

  • Pudna dog

  • Babtastic

  • Alice

  • The hooligan

  • Monster

  • Littlest hobo