Thursday, 22 December 2011

Thank you Santa Paws!

L signed me up for the Secret Santa on the doodle forum and today was finally the day that I was allowed to open the present I was sent!

Well for starters it smelt good. I ripped straight into it and there was a chew so of course I went straight for that.

And there were two, yes two!, more presents....a fantastic squeeky orange ball which is brilliant and a fun stuffing-less lion.

Well the lion 'did' have some stuffing in his head, but I decided he would look better without it. Firstly, I gave his mane a trim...

and then delicately operated on his face and pulled out the much fun.

I can't wait for next year. Thank you Santa Paws!

Monday, 12 December 2011

Happy 5th Birthday Bingo!

It is Bingo's 5th Birthday today - happy birthday Sir Squeek-A-Lot!

He seemed very excited about his birthday breakfast this morning, but from what I could see it was the same as usual (he can be a noisy so and so while I am trying to snooze!)

Sofa surfing in his younger (and slimmer) days

Elvis and Bingo getting pampered at Lumpy Lodge

Thursday, 8 December 2011

All this Christmas malarkey is very tiring!

I have been helping Father Christmas sort out a few things for Christmas and I am exhausted! It is very tiring being a reindeer!

L kept mumbling that I wasn't allowed on the sofa, but she left me on there as she was hanging things off some tree branches (aparrently we are having a 'Scandinavian' look this year - whatever that means?!) I have my eye on the branches and might have a munch on them later when no one is looking.

Bingo has also been helping out, but as usual he has been very hungry and had to stop for a snack.

Roll on Christmas! I am very excited as I overheard L & C saying that my Secret Santa present has arrived. We are doing Secret Santa with another doodle from the doodle forum. We went to the pet shop the other day and I chose the present I wanted to send (as well as a few other items that I wanted, but C made me put them back!).

Just catching a few zzzzzzz so I am ready for the big day.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Back from a paw-tastic hollibop!

Mine will be an Adnams Broadside

L & C took me for a lovely holiday last week to Southwold, Suffolk (well really I invited them on my holiday). I did overhear them saying that they were very impressed with me 'as on the whole he behaved himself '.

Though obviously I didn't want to make it too easy for them so on the morning we went I did raid the bin up the local park and grab a bag of grapes (yes I know, they are bad for me, but they smelt tasty). After a bit of chasing around L &C managed to grab the bag which split and the grapes went everywhere so instead I gulped down the empty bag! Don't think they were very impressed!

We arrived at the cottage and I had a good sniff everywhere and checked it was all to my liking. Nearby was a golf course so this is where we went for our morning walks. Each morning I 'accidently' dropped my ball in the sand bunkers and then had to go and get it and also have a quick roll around in the sand with my legs in the air, lovely!

I also discovered some of the holes on the green were filled in with fertiliser and had a munch of it and then slid in it - it smelt lovely. C was a bit worried it would harm me so went over to the man who was raking the bunker (can't imagine why he needed to do that!) and he said the fertiliser was basically chicken poo and wouldn't harm me. No wonder it was soo tasty.

The next day we went for a stroll at Dunwich and the grape bag made an appearance. C got the short straw and got to pull it out gently and it was like a magician pulling out a string of hankerchiefs! The look on my face said it all!

During the week we had loads of lovely walks along the beach and visited Walberswick a couple of times. I also got to do lots of swimming, my favourite past time.

Towards the end of the week we had a walk around the golf course just as the sun was rising so it was pretty dark and I was sporting my flashing collar. I was a little bit naughty by disappearing into a garden and when I ran back to L & C they recoiled in horror at the smell - I had found a lovely fresh pile of horse manure and had a little roll in it. L &C were a bit worried what the owner would think when they went out into their garden and saw their flattened manure (and possibly their plants!). They later took me for a swim to get rid of the stench.

Already looking forward to the next holiday (if I am allowed to come along...)

Below are some photos of my handsome self:

Checking out what is occuring in the street

Here's one I made earlier

Could you throw it now please?!

What could be better?

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Elvis has sadly left the building...

My brother Elvis the guinea pig passed away yesterday. L & C had taken him to the vets recently as he had been losing weight and they were trying to get him back to full health, but it wasn't to be.

Caroline was holding him when he went and she popped him back in the cage so our other piggy Bingo could say goodbye. Bingo promptly bit Elvis on the ear as if to say 'wake up' and then went to munch on some bran - not much gets in the way of Bingo eating!

L & C are very quiet and look very sad and apparently they will be burying him in the garden this evening (I have a feeling I might not be invited).

There is currently an Elvis shaped hole in the lawn where Elvis just ate around where he was standing the other day (he definately took after his namesake!)

Run free piggy-pog.

Friday, 5 August 2011


My lovely walk with C came to abrupt end when I wandered into the bushes and got some wasps or hornets (not sure which and don't really care!). The stung me a few times on my rump and also on my snout. I yelped and ran back to C and was limping as it really hurt.

We walked/limped back to the car and the pain started to subside, but I was feeling a bit itchy. We then popped around the corner to pick L up from work and as I turned my head to look at her she looked a bit shocked. My snout had swelled up on one side and apparently I looked like a comedy cartoon dog (glad they could see the funny side).

On the way home we stopped at the vets so they could book me in for my annual booster (great, more pain) and checked with the vet that I would be ok. Luckily the itching subsided and I had a good snooze and was right as rain later that evening.

I'll tell you what though, if I get my paws on those wasps/hornets....

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Party time!

L & C invited a few friends round for a BBQ (hence the garden make-over) and on the day I got to go to stay the night at CG's house. CG takes me out for occasional pack walks which are so much fun and looks after me overnight sometimes.

You might think I would be sad to miss the party, but I have so much fun at CG's house. I arrived to find 6 other dogs there and I quickly took a liking to Poppy the black labrador (If you get my drift...).

We all went out for a lovely long walk and that evening I slept on a dog bed! CG had said it was fine for me not to bring my crate with me and after a little while trying out all 6 beds on offer I opted for the blue cord one. I am very pleased to say that I was an angel, no food was stolen, no soft furnishings destroyed. When CG told L & C this the next day I heard them mumbling something about me being a different dog when I am at CG's....dunno what they mean.

Apparently, lots of people at the party were sad I wasn't there, but there were comcerns there would be no sausages for anyone else if I was there!

Just call me 'Ollie Titchmarsh'

L & C have been spending loads of time sprucing up the garden for their anniversary BBQ/party. Old turf has been dug up, concrete has been smashed up, a new patio and new turf has been laid, the ivy has been trimmed and the garden furniture has been repainted. Phew! I have been exhausted watching it all.

Anyway, I thought it was time I did my bit, so while they were sitting on the soil removing tiny stones I made myself useful around the side by creating a 'display' of some plants.

Ok, so this did involve me picking up each plant with my mouth and then giving it a good shake (I had seen on the tv box thing that you have to loosen the soil around the roots, so this was what I was doing).

Finally, L & C came to see my handy work and they just stood there shaking their heads - I think they were too tired to shout at me, either that or they liked my handywork?!

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Struck by lightning!

Nodding off looking up info about lightning...

C and I were having a quick stroll around the park before it started raining and then the thunder and lightning started. The thunder was very loud, but it didn't bother me, I was to busy concentrating on chasing my ball.

The next thing I know C has bent down to pick up my ball and there was a flash of light next to her foot and she said a rude word! She had been struck by lightning! She seemed ok so I was up for some more ball chasing, but she said it was home time, boo! So we hot footed it home.

I don't think we will be going for any walks when there is a risk of thunder and lightning for a while...

Is that a hog roast I smell cooking?

Face of innocence

I was in the park with my friend Dan the labrador when the aroma of pork hit my nostrils. I thought it only right that I go and I ran full pelt about 200 yards to a marquee. I headed straight inside and it was great, so many people to say hello to, plus a quick dance. Then I heard voices....C and T had followed me so I snuck out the back of the tent and around the side.....and there in front of me was a sight so wonderful I can hardly describe it - a hot, steaming hog roast! Unfortunately, C and her friend S were between me and the hog. My number was up!

In hindsight, if I hadn't gone in for a dance I could have had me some hog, but alas no, kibble again for dinner for me!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

It was 1975...

To celebrate L's parent's 40th wedding anniversary we had a 70's party at L's aunt and uncle's LC & SS. It was lots of fun, though I didn't recognise many people there because they were all had 70's hairstyles and funky glasses.

I went as the construction worker from the Village People, but I drew the line at wearing a moustache and hard hat!

I really like LC and SS as they give me loads of tasty food. I must have eaten my body weight in sausages, paw-fect!

The others had 70's food such as prawn cocktail, cheese and pineapple on sticks (bizarre!) and were drinking something called Blue Nun.

After dinner the karaoke machine came out and to be honest it was all a bit ropey. I laid down and wished for it all to be over....

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday to me!

I know it is hard to believe but I am 2!
I had my birthday while on my hols but L & C made up for it yesterday by taking me on a doodle meet with lots of my pals and then birthday cake and presents when I got home! I got a KONG flyer and some doggy beer (I'm happy to say no hangover for me this morning)

At the doodle meet there was my brother Finn, Teddy, Harvey, Molly, Tintin, Harper and Jago.

Having a paddle

Handsome Harper

Handsome old me

Trying out my new flyer - it can be quite evasive!

Birthday cake - now you see it...

Now you don't

I have had a woof-tastic holiday!

I have been to C's folks for 2 weeks and it has been brilliant! An early morning walk in the woods, then back for a snooze. Then each afternoon we went to Netley for a walk through the woods and then a swim in the sea. Bliss!

There was an incident with a shoe and a joint of bacon accidently jumped into my mouth from the fridge, but apart from that apparently I was 'no trouble at all' !!

Plus here is a photo of L & C's holiday (looks ok I suppose):

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

We call her Evil Edna!

Evil Edna (aka Mini) has been up to no good. C was having a lie in and went to stroke Edna and...well it all happened very fast, Edna launched herself, with claws out, at C's face! C is now sporting a punctured lip and two scratches! Naughty, naughty Edna.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

It's party time on Saturday!

I am very excited as there is going to be a party on Saturday in my house. There are balloons and bunting going up. The music has been selected and loads of food is arriving on Saturday.

Apparently it is not for me though. L & C's nephew is 2 tomorrow and it is in his honour.

Though did I mention there will be food?! Where there is food, there is a labradoodle drooling.

Busy blogging

As you can see I have been hard at work updating my blog for my fans.

Though at times it can be difficult prising the laptop away from L & C.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Mud, pink wellies and terriers!

I had a great day yesterday. It was L's birthday so they dropped me off at CG's for doggy daycare. Didi and I and a couple of other dogs went for a long and gloriously muddy walk on the South Downs.

I then spotted a pink wellie just lying on the ground (well it was next to a little girl), so I thought I'd pick it up and take it for a run. All was going well until CG got a ball out of her bag, which was much more tempting than the wellie so I dropped it and chased the ball. People really need to be more careful not to leave things lying around for anyone to pick up!

Back at the house Didi and I had a rest (well Didi did and I followed CG around) and then the door bell rang and it was Lucky the border terrier coming to stay. I was so excited. We then spent the next hour bundling each other up and down the kitchen. Bliss!

L and C arrived and spoiled my fun, but said I would see Lucky again today for a walk. See you soon buddy!

I'm the biggest loser!

Seven months ago I weighed in at 35 kgs and had a good layer of puppy fat. But after lots of running around and doodle dashing I am very proud to announce I am now a sleek 28 kgs. L and C are very pleased and I have even had my food upped a bit so I stay at this weight.

The fortnightly weigh ins are fun. Well they are fun for me. I am weighed on the wii fit plus board and poor C has to lift me up and then step on the board. Though it must help that I am lighter than I was!

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Let's dance!

Archie and I dancing the fandango

L & C took me on a doodle meet on Sunday and it was mudalicious!

There were loads of doodle there, plus a couple of non-doods came along for a run. Within 2 minutes we had all found lots of muddy puddles and Archie and Dexter were soon brown, rather than cream, doodles.

We stopped for a paddle at the pond. I had a quick dip, but Henry had a good swim around and then had to be coaxed back to dry land after he stopped on a submerged log for a rest.

It was great to see my brother Finn and sister Tilly, as always. But I especially enjoyed seeing Archie as it has been a while (since he went to the vets for the 'you know what' operation). Archie was obviously a bit tired as he wanted me to give him a 'piggy back' some of the way and we had an excellent play fight.

I was worn out on Sunday night and had pleasant dreams of running full pelt through muddy puddles - my favourite past time!

The whole gang, from left to right: Dexter, Archie, Molly, Tilly, Teddy, Henry, Harvey, Me, Bubbles and Finn.

A very bouncy Dexter

And an even bouncier Molly!

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Happy New Year!

Medallion dog!

I have had a brilliant Christmas and New Year. I visited C's folks in Southampton for Christmas, but they kept me away from the homemade mince pies, sausage rolls and Christmas cake, so not fair! We went for some walks down at Netley and saw lots of other dogs on Christmas day strolls.

For New Year we headed to L's folks and that meant lots of walks along the sandy beach. There are so many good smells to check out. On the first visit I found the wing of a pigeon which I quickly devoured and on the next a bit of fish which was lovely and crunchy.

Check out my photos below...

Keeping my eye on the ball

The chase is on

Got ya!