Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Mud, pink wellies and terriers!

I had a great day yesterday. It was L's birthday so they dropped me off at CG's for doggy daycare. Didi and I and a couple of other dogs went for a long and gloriously muddy walk on the South Downs.

I then spotted a pink wellie just lying on the ground (well it was next to a little girl), so I thought I'd pick it up and take it for a run. All was going well until CG got a ball out of her bag, which was much more tempting than the wellie so I dropped it and chased the ball. People really need to be more careful not to leave things lying around for anyone to pick up!

Back at the house Didi and I had a rest (well Didi did and I followed CG around) and then the door bell rang and it was Lucky the border terrier coming to stay. I was so excited. We then spent the next hour bundling each other up and down the kitchen. Bliss!

L and C arrived and spoiled my fun, but said I would see Lucky again today for a walk. See you soon buddy!

I'm the biggest loser!

Seven months ago I weighed in at 35 kgs and had a good layer of puppy fat. But after lots of running around and doodle dashing I am very proud to announce I am now a sleek 28 kgs. L and C are very pleased and I have even had my food upped a bit so I stay at this weight.

The fortnightly weigh ins are fun. Well they are fun for me. I am weighed on the wii fit plus board and poor C has to lift me up and then step on the board. Though it must help that I am lighter than I was!