Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Camera effects

While I was TRYING to sleep L kept taking photos of me using the special effects on her camera phone.


Black and white:




Doesn't she know you should let sleeping dogs lie?

Bank holiday weekend, part 3

Yesterday we went down Cuckmere Haven for a walk and for me to do some swimming.

The weather was lovely and I entertained many a tourist with my 'swim, drop and roll' technique. Here is a video of it (L filmed it with the camera the wrong way up so you'll have to tilt your head to the side to watch it, sorry):

I was exhausted by the end of it, but I am glad I bring such entertainment to my fans!

Bank holiday weekend, part 2

On Sunday we all bundled in to the car and headed to the seaside. L thought it was going to be quiet as it was forecast to be overcast, but the sun was out and there were lots of people picnicing. I could see the worried look on L & C's faces that I would go picnic raiding, but I promised myself I wouldn't (I just didn't tell them!).

The tide was out so we walked on the sand at the waters edge. It was really windy so everything smelt brilliant.

Firstly we had a stroll along (L was walking very carefully over the seaweed as she has a tendency to slip over)

Then I found some lunch...

And then C kicked the ball for me again and again...

There were lots of kite surfers out

L had an oyster icecream and C had a 99 (which I helped her to finish)

And I didn't raid one picnic!

Bank holiday weekend, part 1

On Saturday I was taken for a quick walk and then L & C headed off somewhere in the car...when they returned a few hours later they showed me the following photos....they had been to the Amex to see Brighton v Barnsley and Brighton had won 5-1!

L said it was just like the fountains outside the Bellagio casion in Vegas!

Some of the action

I was hoping they would have bought me a Gully mascot toy, but they said I only would have destroyed it, as if!

Friday, 24 August 2012

Doodley Dogs

My best 'of course I will behave' pose

A few weeks ago L & C put me in the car and we drove along the seafront road....I thought oh no we are going to that B&Q place again (my third least favourite shop after 1: Sainsburys and 2: M&S garage), but we carried on driving past B&Q and then turned up towards a place called Doodley Dogs http://www.doodleydogs.co.uk/

It is run by Matt and Leon and has a 10,000 square foot indoor play park, a new outdoor play park, a hydrotherapy pool and a boutique dog hotel. What more could a pooch ask for! L & C took me up the steps to the front door, told me to behave (yeah right!) and in we went.

Matt showed us around and it looked and smelt brilliant. L & C had a look into the play park (I was too short to look through the window in the door, but there were definately doggy noses sniffing the bottom of the door so I had a good sniff and barked a hello). We then saw the hydrotherapy pool and went and had a look at the hotel rooms.

There are three rooms: the Brighton Suite with a mini beach hut to sleep in, the Temple Room which looked very relaxing and the L'Amour suite. L did mention that the cushions might have to be moved if I stayed there (what?! I just like to free the stuffing!)

I could tell L & C were very impressed with the place (it had been highly recommended by J and her Welsh terrier Noodles) and the very next day they took me back there to try it out for the afternoon. It was paw-tastic!! I had so much fun and headed straight over to play with Cassie the cream labradoodle and an English bull terrier.

I knew L & C wouldn't be too worried about me as they know I just love to play and play, but I could see they were happy when they collected me and Matt's first words were 'He's a bundle of fun!'

So last night I was relaxing after my day playing with Kara when I heard C mention that I will have to go there again soon... brilliant, I wonder how many new friends I will make?

Dreaming of my next visit to Doodley Dogs

Introducing my new lady friend Tara

C's parents J & L have rescued Tara the labrador/? cross (I think she might be labrador/German shepherd) and we met for the first time yesterday. She is lots of fun and has tons of energy like me. I think we are going to get on woof-tastically!

Tara LOVES water and soon plunged both front legs in to L & C's new water garden (also known as my new drinking bowl, see earlier post below) and snapped off a few of the water lilies leaves...whoops-a-daisy!
Though L said the water lily will grow too big at some point (they should have bought a minature one, doh!) so a few less leaves won't matter. Phew!

Here we are together in the garden...though by this time we were both pretty tired as we had been playing a lot.

Check out this video of us messing around. Terrance the paddling pool came in very handy for cooling us down, I had a good dig in him and Tara laid down in him a couple of times.

I am going to stay with her for the weekend soon and I heard L & C saying I will be very very tired when I get back which will be good news - I can't imagine why they would want me to be tired.....

Thursday, 23 August 2012

I am an Olympic gold medalist!

I have loved every minute of the Olympics and here I am sporting one of my gold medals:

In total I won the following:

Counter surfing: GOLD
Cushion stealing: GOLD
Food stealing: GOLD
Barking while L & C are watching TV: GOLD
Shoe stealing: SILVER (I was tired and released the shoe to L too soon)

The whole family really enjoyed the games and L said this could have been her if she had continued her gymnastics classes (mmm, I'm not so sure...):

Less than a week to wait for the Paralympics, brilliant!

Cat in spaaaaaace

Here is a quick photo of I took of Mini in her space shuttle about to be launched into space.

The funny thing is I saw her just now wandering around....maybe they had to delay take off....

My new drinking bowl

Check out my new drinking bowl:

L & C have made it all pretty with different plants which is very nice of them. Though I am a bit confused as they shout at me when I drink out of it....???

Long time no post!

Blimey, it has been ages since I last posted.

I have spent most of the summer months soaked through as it rained and rained and rained. Though all the better for bog snorkelling in puddles.

I have also been keeping L & C on their toes. My evening ritual is to wait until they sit down and then to grab a cushion and around and around the pool table we go! Occasionally I give up, but often it involves a 'sweep' - this is L on one side of the pool table and C on the other and they sweep from one end to the other to get me out from underneath it.

Also there is shoe stealing if I feel I am not getting enough attention.....so much fun to have, so little time!