Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Just call me Ollie Ogden...

Giant shadows

On our walk yesterday we managed to create some massive shadows. Check them out:

L's massive wellie boot

A new friend got in on the act

Doodling in Devon!

I have just returned from a brilliant holiday in Devon. L & C took me to Dittisham near Dartmouth for a week. We stayed in a farmhouse with a HUGE garden and I had lots of fun exploring every inch of it.

View from the garden


As the sun was rising - yep I got them up very early every morning

One morning there were loads of sheep in the road, they gave me a right fright so I made sure I barked very loudly at them. The next morning there was this one in the back of the tractor, it must have wandered off again and been rounded up, so naughty.... (I never wander off...)

Every few days some more of these mole hill things had appeared so I had to make sure I checked them out, but I didn't find any moles.

Me? Had my face down a mole hill?! Never!

We had a brilliant time at Blackpool Sands. It was sunny and warm even though it was February. I even came away from a picnic when C called me as I was desperate to play with my ball.

Spot the ball

Who is that handsome fellow emerging from the deep blue sea?

We had a wander around Totnes. I was allowed in some of the shops, but not the one I wanted to go in the most...the butchers.

Keeping an eye on the pesky train that kept disapearing into the mountain

L & C then took me to a pub and I tried to hide how bored I was...

On the way to Paignton we stopped at Cockington Country Park and I had a little paddle (oh yeah and I got really shouted at for running across the road twice!)

Doing my best panther impression

Finishing the day at Paignton Beach

This dog digging in the Farmhouse's garden sent me into a barking frenzy a couple of times. It just never seemed to stop...

On Friday we headed to Berry Head for a bounce with Mrs A and her doods Becky and Jack. To get there we had to go across the water on a ferry.

Me near the edge at Berry Head (C wouldn't let me get any closer)

L braved the edge and took this photo of the view

Here is Jack, me, Mrs A and Becky

The lesser spotted 8 legged doodle

And then unfortunately it was time to pack the car and head home...

Monday, 6 February 2012

Mirror mirror on the wall...

...who is the fairest doodle of them all?

We had a woof-tastic long walk at Ferring beach yesterday. I met loads of golden retrievers on my way along the beach (they had just been on a dog meet) and also tons of other dogs.
There was lots of dashing to do and as usual my quick manoeuvres and quick cornering kept me one step ahead of them - I have unbelievable tekkers!

I was sooooo zonked when I got home and slept all evening (L & C were very impressed)

Look what I made...!

Well actually C made it not me, though I would have helped if I had been allowed, but for some reason she made it when I was asleep in the kitchen.

It has now been put 'out of Ollie's reach'....story of my life...