Monday, 11 November 2013

Haunting Halloween!

I find Halloween so tiring so like to rest up before the big night.  Here I am having a nap before I went out on my broomstick.

Ready for take off!

It has been a little bit windy lately so we have had some very blustery walks up on the hillock.

Ready for take off

Like my younger days

I'm stuck

Windy millars

The bandana made me do it!

Skull and crossbones

L took me for a walk the other day and let me off the lead up the footpath to the fields....trouble was I got a sniff of some food as we walked past some houses earlier and thought I had better check it out.  So.....I about turned and wandered down the footpath, crossed the road and followed by nose. 

I could hear L shouting at me, but there is no stopping me when my nose tells me I must go.  I obviously hid quite well because it took her a little while to find me in someones front garden with my face in a black bin liner.  I tried to evade capture, but she lured me in by waving a bonio biscuit at me, sucker!

To my surprise we didn't then go back up the footpath, but I had a lead walk unfair...but I would do it all again!  Plus I blame it on the skull and cross bones bandana L made me wear!

A gallon of Broadside!

Admiring a gallon of broadside, heaven!

We have been on our hols again to Southwold and it was woof-tastic!  I had no idea where we were going, but I knew something was up as lots of things were being packed in bags while I was trying to have my morning snooze. 

After a few hours in the car we arrived at the beach and I was soooooo excited.  I knew we must be staying as the car was fit to bursting so I was a very happy doodle. 

Lovely, lovely Southwold

We went to check out our home for the week, a lovely cottage near the golf course.  There was even room to fit in my bed between the living room and the kitchen.  We then went for a wander down the high street and L popped into a shop called the Black Olive delicatessen which almost made me drool as it smelt so good. We then headed back to the cottage for lunch (I got a little bit).

Anyway the whole week was brilliant from start to finish.  I made sure I got L & C up really early every morning for a run on the golf course....I set my secret watch for 5.20am every day!  They had a torch so were fine and even did a bit of star gazing.  Then it was breakfast and back to bed for a bit. 

The beach was paw-tastic and we were on it every day, as well as a visit to Aldeburgh where I got very spooked by a gurgling sea monster (which turned out to be a water pipe, but you can't be too careful). 

This sand gets everywhere!

Now you see me...

Now you don't



An amble at Aldeburgh

I was even allowed in the pub a couple of times in the afternoon (between their food serving times of course).  I think I could easily become a pub dog, but not sure L & C agree.

L & C went on some adventures too and climbed to the top of the lighthouse (113 steps).  They told me lots of interesting facts, one being that the light can be seen from 26 nautical miles away.  

The lighthouse from the warmth of the Sole Bay Inn

113 steps!

View from the top

They also did the Adnams distillery tour and found out how vodka, gin and whiskey is made.  Plus there were the obligatory tastings afterwards.  

It was a truely lip-smacking holiday and I can't wait to go again.

Left lick

Right lick

Monday, 16 September 2013

Very windy walkies

Yesterday we went for a very bracing, windy walk at Ferring beach. 

We had a wander along the top path and then I was put on the lead near the cafe as there were people sat outside eating (I wouldn't have gone over there, honest).  Then the best bit, we headed down to the sea.  It was woof-tastic!  I was running after my ball and bounding over the waves (ok they weren't very big, but they were waves).

There were lots of other doggies about and I did some unbelievable tekkers doodle dashing with a friendly dog I met.

By the time we got back to the car my face was covered in salt and I had a sandy rumpus - a sign of a brilliant walk. 

A bit breezy out

I'm off

Throw it!

Lovin' it!

Monday, 9 September 2013

Swimming, swans and supping a pint

The weather has been really hot lately so C has taken me swimming as much as possible.  You know, I had this funny feeling I was being followed...

They're behind you...

Then C got her reward of a pint of Bedlam (she said it was named after me, but I have no idea what she means...)

Two guinea-pigs + one house = not enough room!

A tight squeeze

Piggy bathtime

It was piggy bath time yesterday.  Not sure Barbara and Elsie were that impressed, but I could hear L & C say they  were very fluffy afterwards...and smelt much better.

First up was Elsie
Looking very relieved it was over

Then Barbara's turn
A smiley (and clean) piggy

Lady of leisure

Check out my sister Mini being a lady of leisure (allllllll day long).  She really should be chasing some mices or at least letting me chase her.....

How wet can Tara get?! (Part 2)

Tara came to see me last week and of course we got straight down to our favourite past time....

Diggerdy, diggerdy dig

Tara getting wetter than last time, just!

One Titanic party!

I thought I had better show off how smart I looked at L & S's Titanic party...

Don't I look dashing?

My boarding pass

I did get a little hot under the collar when I first arrived when I met Uggers the cat... I am used to cats running away when they see me, but instead he just sat there looking at me.  This confused me no end and no amount of barking at Uggers would make him run away.  I would have eventually calmed down and stopped barking (I think), but L took Uggers upstairs out of harms way.

This is me looking a little deshelved and a bit hot afterwards...

L & S made some wonderful food and I tried nearly everything on offer.  The beef was especially good...and the sausages....and the stuffing... and the rice....and the tiramasu....

After dinner it was photo shoot time.  S had constructed a replica bow of the Titanic and we all had our photos taken.

'My heart will go on....'

I had such a woof-tastic time and I have heard on the grapevine that being known as OO7 I will fit right in at the next party!

For anyone who is unsure where the Titanic sank

Monday, 12 August 2013

How wet can Tara get?!

C's parent's dog Tara just can't get enough of my paddling pool Terrance.  I dip my feet in and kick the water on my belly, but this is taking it to a whole 'nother level!

An open top bus, ale and ice-cream

L and C went on an open top bus 'ale trail' on Saturday with people from their local.  I would have loved it (my ears flapping in the wind up on the top deck...) but instead I had a woof-tastic day at F's house and spent all day running around with Alfie. 

Their carriage awaits

L & C seemed a bit merry on their return so I decided to be a good boy and slept in the following morning.  I think they were a bit surprised by this!  We then headed out to a garden centre (I got soooo many strokes) and then up to Ditchling Beacon for a walk.  It was brilliant, you could see for miles and I saw horses, bike riders and lots of dogs. 

The best thing was I fluttered my eyelashes at the ice-cream man and he made me my own ice-cream!

Check out the view:

You can just see the sea in the distance

Doodling on the Downs

Words can't describe how good it was!

Up on my lovely hillock

The weather has been lovely and sunny lately and C and I have been having some great strolls up on my favourite hillock.  My bog is still as dry as a bone, but I am having fun running in and out of the corn instead.

Here are some photos...

Hope there are no children in the corn?!

On my way to check out my bog

Who is that handsome boy in the crops?