Thursday, 15 November 2012

Fresh drinking water? Pah!

Who needs fresh drinking water when I have this available?!


This was after I had been a little bit naughty and ran across a road, ripped open a bin bag in someone's front garden and taken a fish and chip packet into the middle of the road to eat the contents.  I got a vibe from L that I was in the dog house...

Incy Wincy spider has been very busy

It looks like Incy Wincy spider has been very busy up on the farmers fields where I go walkies. 
Check out these webs on the crops:

Like a gift from heaven

L took me out for a very muddy walk and after saying hello to some local woofs, some doodle dashing and some bog snorkelling in puddles we headed home.  We got half way down the very muddy footpath when I smelt something delicious and stuck my face into the undergrowth.  And out I came with a dearly departed pigeon in my mouth!!!  It was my lucky day!

Now, I was on the lead (horrible contraption that I hate) so L tired to prise my jaw open, but the harder she tried the more I bit down on my prize.  In the end she had to give up and I ate the whole thing in front of her (there was a lot of bone crunching and some juices splashed on L's coat, but I thought it was delicious!)

When we got home I went to bed for a bit and had a bit of belly ache (I am not used to such a feast, feathers and all) so I rested in my bed for most of the evening.  So really it was win win all round as I loved my snack and L got a peaceful evening. 

Strictly Cow Dancing!

I have come up with a new game show called 'Strictly Cow Dancing!'

Here is how it works:

Week One - the PASA DOBLE

Step 1: find a herd of cows
Step 2: run over to the herd of cows and choose your dancing partner
Step 3: start by taking a bow in front of your partner (they may or may not copy you, usually not)
Step 4: now run back and forth in front of your partner in a mad doodle dash, keeping eye contact with them at all times
Step 5: when the cow trots away run after them
Step 6: end the dance by shunning the cow in a dramatic manner by running back to your owner (who for some reason is frantically waving a ball in the air and calling your name)

Next week the SAMBA.....

Tuesday, 13 November 2012 is getting cold out there

Since the clocks have changed (which I took no notice of whatsoever and I just got up an hour earlier) it has been getting quite chilly.

The other evening I was keeping L & C company on the sofa and my tootsies were a bit chilly, but I soon found a solution.....looking good don't you think?!

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Tasty Trick or Treaters!

I have had a woof-tastic halloween and managed to get my teeth around some pesky trick or treaters....


My best 'zombie dog' impression

Monday, 22 October 2012

Completely outnumbered....more girls in the house...

I went and stayed at JN's house on Saturday night as L&C were out dressed up as zombies (don't ask!).  I had a brilliant time with loads of walks, treats and oodles of time to play with my new friend Chesker.  We slept in the conservatory together and I was very good and only nibbled the fleece a little bit (the duvet stayed intact).  When L&C came to collect me JN said I had been very good so I got huge brownie points (which I will save up for next time I am naughty!  It also made up for Friday when I punctured a small child's football and made C wait for 20 minutes in the rain while I refused to go back to her.....sorry!)

Anyway, we went home and I had a snooze and then a walk up the farm which was brilliant as there were tons of puddles and I ran through nearly all of them.  We headed home and then L&C went straight out.  When they returned they had two new additions to our family and here they are:

Barbara (aka Babtastic, Babs) 


L&C have adopted Barbara and Elsie from the rescue and holiday boarding place where Bingo and Elvis went on their holidays to.  The people who run it are E&K and they love all the piggies and bunnies sooo much and they were delighted Barbara and Elsie have found a new home.  They don't need to worry about not seeing them though as Barbara and Elsie will be back to stay with them on a regular basis for their holidays.  

Their huge cage

Hiding in the same house

Parsley eating in their cuddle cups

Babs loving her snack

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Bingo the gorgeous guinea-pig, R.I.P.

My brother Bingo the guinea pig passed away last week. L & C had taken him to the vets as he had stopped eating (which was very unlike him!).  They gave him painkillers, antibiotics and fed him with the largest syringe I have ever seen, but it wasn't to be.

L & C were very quiet and looked very sad when they buried him in the garden (I was given a bone so I didn't 'interfere', result!)

Run free piggy-pog.

L&C are going down to see E & K tonight where Bingo and Elvis used to go for holidays.  Apparently they are just going "to have a look" at some piggies, but I don't believe a word of it.  I think there will soon be two new additions to our family!

In his svelter days

Their favourite time of year


Thursday, 20 September 2012

Ahoy thar me hearties!

This old salty sea dog be off t' find some ships t' plunder

Ayeterday was International Talk Like A Pirate Day and shiver me timbers it was thigh slappin'.

L & C got in t' pirate spirt and I helped them t' find buried treaaye in t' garden. 

They be threatenin' me with a costume for next year...I must admit t' parrot looks tasty!  

Diggin' for buried treaaye

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

I met Erik!!

I heard a knock on the door and then when I was allowed into the living room I was delighted to meet L & C's friends R & L and then.....I spotted a dog...a big dog....a dog even bigger than was their dog Erik! He is a great dane cross.

I bolted straight over to him and did my 'hello dance' which goes something like up into their face, give it a lick, bounce around them, run back to the humans and jump up at them, run back to the dog and jump around and dance around some more.

Erik looked quite bemused and had a wander around (with me dancing around him), then he explored my toy box. I thought this would be a good time to see if he wanted to give me a 'piggy back' so I hopped on, but I don't think it was for him. He then lay down calmly on the floor.

I thought I know what will get him up and playing, it's called the pool table dash and it goes like run around and around the pool table as many times as you can (here is where my excellent corning and avoidance skills were honed) until you can't do it anymore. I must have done it about 20 times. All the humans looked a bit bemused, but if this didn't get Erik up playing nothing would....sadly it didn't work...this time.

Though as soon as L said 'walkies' Erik shot up and out we all went for a walk on the South Downs. To be honest I had worn myself out dashing so I just trotted along, sniffing the odd rabbit hole.

Then we headed to the pub and apart from a few barks at a labrador I was pretty good. Though not well enough behaved to be allowed inside the pub when it got chilly outside. I honestly would not try and help myself to someone's roast dinner, promise!

It was then time for Erik to head back to London. I really do hope I get to see him soon. I'll definately teach him the dash next time.

New Forest holiday snaps

We have just been on a woof-tastic holiday in the New Forest. We stayed in a thing called a 'caravan'. It was brilliant because I could stand on the sofa, put my front feet on the bay windowsill and stick my head right out the window and check out what was occuring.

Literally just around the corner from the 'caravan' was access to a forest which was brilliant. I made sure I got L & C up early every day so we could go there.

The first night in the 'caravan' was interesting. It started to rain and it sounded really loud on the roof and then every so often there was a banging noise. I was going to bark to get L & C's attention just in case they hadn't heard it, but I overheard them say it was acorns falling off the tree above. I'm not sure about this 'caravan'.....

I did make one successful escape attempt from the 'caravan' on the last day. I was lying around looking sleepy which lulled L & C into a false sense of security that they could leave the 'caravan' door open while they packed the car. WRONG! I made a run for it and got a few rows away before L corned me on a veranda, boo!

Here are sone photos of my adventures:

Guarding the 'caravan'

The forest

Lulworth Cove, swimming time!

I love doing the 'pebble shuffle'

Lunch at a pub in Lulworth Cove (everytime I barked I was fed another piece of bread roll, brilliant!)

The view at Durdle Door (dunno where the flip flop came from?!)

"Throw it again!" ball chasing at Durlston Castle

The gorgeous Hengistbury Head

"Am I sandy enough yet?"

"I'm having a brilliant time!"

A windy visit to Bournemouth (in front of the huge Pimms deckchair. I wasn't allowed any nearer)

Admiring Ben Ainslie's 'unofficial' gold post box in Lymington high street

Another pub, Lymington this time (yawn). They had a seperate vegetarian menu (a rare sight according to L)

Walk overlooking Hurst Castle

Posing at Keyhaven (near Milford-on-sea). Just after this I tried to have a nibble on some fish tied to a boat, but C stopped me just in time (I like to keep them on their toes)

The collapse (no I wasn't allowed on the part of the sofa without the cover on it, whoops!)

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Paralympics and a weekend of swimming

I got back yesterday from staying with Tara and C's parents for the weekend. While I was there L & C went to see athletics at the Paralympics and said they had a brilliant time. They made me look through loads of photos (yawn), but here are the best ones.

On arrival

Go Team GB!

View from their seats - apparently the cauldron was kicking out some heat and they put some jacket spuds in to cook!

Thousands of people all cheering and waving flags makes a lot of noise

The stadium all lit up

Anyway, back to me. So I went to stay and J & L took us swimming at Calshot a couple of times which was paw-tastic! Just look at us go:

Tara (left) and me (right)

Tara is lots of fun and she loves to play, but she does pester me a lot and races me to the water bowl and the humans. I think once she realises she has her paws firmly under the table at J's house she will chillax a bit more.

Relaxing with J

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Camera effects

While I was TRYING to sleep L kept taking photos of me using the special effects on her camera phone.


Black and white:




Doesn't she know you should let sleeping dogs lie?