Tuesday, 17 March 2015

In the dog house...

I have had an eventful weekend!  On Saturday L was cleaning the patio (no idea what that is about?!) and she left me loose in the kitchen, so I busied myself with pulling out the recycling over the kitchen floor and then I looked around and if by some miracle the dog gate was not shut properly.  Now what you don't realise is that every time I come into the kitchen I trot up the dog gate to see if it is open and it is always shut, but not this time (thank you, thank you, thank you....)

...so off I went on an adventure.  Well really I knew exactly where I was heading - straight upstairs to where the cat food is kept.  And there it was, both wet food and crunchies...plus of course the cat litter tray to have a rummage through for truffles!  Once the bowls were licked clean I discovered some cat food sachets so set about freeing the contents.  And then I was caught red-pawed!  L was standing in the doorway glowering at me!  I have to admit I did have quite a bit of the wet food on my paws and I was merrily treading it into the carpet.  After a little run around the other bedrooms I was ushered downstairs and put to bed and L went back upstairs with a can of carpet cleaner.

Helping with the recycling

It's not as bad as it looks!

Later on in the afternoon we went for a walk and I showed L my special houdini act - one minute I was there and the next I was gone!  I could hear her calling me, but I was following my nose across two roads and to some recycling bins that smelt heavenly.  A lovely lady came out of one of the houses to see me and took me into her porch and I could hear her calling C to say I had been found, so I knew it wouldn't be long before L came to collect me.  When I saw her I gave her the biggest tail wag I could muster, but she didn't look happy (though she did let the lovely lady give me some water and two biscuits).  After thanking the lady, L dragged me back home and she seemed a little annoyed so I just did as I was told, then when I got home I said sorry by showing her my most sorry face:


Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Windy millars!

I have just got back from a jaunt along the edge of the golf course and it was windy millars...

Start those engines

Ready for take off

Safely landed

Big birthday

It was L's big birthday recently and she had a paw-some time celebrating.  She started in Mexico in January, carried on through February and is now wrapping up the celebrations in March, phew!  I thought rather than getting her a card I would go for a more unique birthday greeting...

Offering to the Gods!

We had a great walk up on the golf course and after a little bit of rolling in one or two of the bunkers I did lots of ball chasing which is my favourite past time. L got this great photo of me making an offering of thanks to the God of dog balls!


Ariba, ariba!

The real reason L & C had to go back to Mexico was they promised Elsie her own sombrero (and then she insisted on wearing Barbara's!)


A happy Elsie

Smiley Barbara


I recently had a great holding staying with my sitter J while L & C jetted off on holiday to Mexico. I was very well behaved and had a brilliant time running around with all the spaniels.  It also sounds like L & C had a paw-tastic time as they sat on sun drenched beaches, swam with turtles and sting rays and snorkelled with loads of colourful fish. They also drifted down the lazy river on inflatables and C jumped off the 5 metre tall 'Cliff of Courage' into the ocean!  All in all brilliant, brilliant holidays all round!  Here are some photos of their travels and some of the local wildlife (that raccoon looks like a lot of fun!)...

The resort beach

Tulum ruins

Tulum beach

Tulum's blue waters

Swimming with turtles at Akumal

Lazing iguana

Cute coutis

Cheeky raccoon