Sunday, 12 September 2010

Beach hut fury!

L & C took me for a wander along the promenade at the beach today. Things were all going smoothly and then it suddenly descended into chaos!

I ran over to meet a huskie dog who was sitting outside it's owners beach hut. The dog jumped up to meet me, but the the owners obviously didn't want us to meet and tried to shoo me away. I then spotted they had some plates of food and trotted round to see what it was and then it all went pear shaped - they ran forward and their dog leapt up at the table and everything went flying. The plates clattered to the floor and the table tipped over.

The man was shouting at me and waving his arms. L came running over to calm the situation and the man and woman both started really shouting at her. They said I was out of control (not true!) and that their lunch was ruined (true, but it was THEIR dog that sent it flying!). Before L could apologise, offer to replace their lunch etc, the woman shouted that she wouldn't accept an apology and so off we went to leave them to it.

While all the shouting was going on I went and sat next to C like a good boy. I am glad I have nice owners....

We then walked further along the beach and I got to have a lovely swim.

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