Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Let's dance!

Archie and I dancing the fandango

L & C took me on a doodle meet on Sunday and it was mudalicious!

There were loads of doodle there, plus a couple of non-doods came along for a run. Within 2 minutes we had all found lots of muddy puddles and Archie and Dexter were soon brown, rather than cream, doodles.

We stopped for a paddle at the pond. I had a quick dip, but Henry had a good swim around and then had to be coaxed back to dry land after he stopped on a submerged log for a rest.

It was great to see my brother Finn and sister Tilly, as always. But I especially enjoyed seeing Archie as it has been a while (since he went to the vets for the 'you know what' operation). Archie was obviously a bit tired as he wanted me to give him a 'piggy back' some of the way and we had an excellent play fight.

I was worn out on Sunday night and had pleasant dreams of running full pelt through muddy puddles - my favourite past time!

The whole gang, from left to right: Dexter, Archie, Molly, Tilly, Teddy, Henry, Harvey, Me, Bubbles and Finn.

A very bouncy Dexter

And an even bouncier Molly!


  1. What a lovely story - it makes me laugh everytime I see that photo of Ollie and Archie, it is so funny. Molly had a wonderful time.

  2. WHAT FUN!!!
    I wish I could be a Doodle and join all of you.
    I love youw dancing pictoowe..such gweat moves
    smoochie kisses