Tuesday, 17 March 2015

In the dog house...

I have had an eventful weekend!  On Saturday L was cleaning the patio (no idea what that is about?!) and she left me loose in the kitchen, so I busied myself with pulling out the recycling over the kitchen floor and then I looked around and if by some miracle the dog gate was not shut properly.  Now what you don't realise is that every time I come into the kitchen I trot up the dog gate to see if it is open and it is always shut, but not this time (thank you, thank you, thank you....)

...so off I went on an adventure.  Well really I knew exactly where I was heading - straight upstairs to where the cat food is kept.  And there it was, both wet food and crunchies...plus of course the cat litter tray to have a rummage through for truffles!  Once the bowls were licked clean I discovered some cat food sachets so set about freeing the contents.  And then I was caught red-pawed!  L was standing in the doorway glowering at me!  I have to admit I did have quite a bit of the wet food on my paws and I was merrily treading it into the carpet.  After a little run around the other bedrooms I was ushered downstairs and put to bed and L went back upstairs with a can of carpet cleaner.

Helping with the recycling

It's not as bad as it looks!

Later on in the afternoon we went for a walk and I showed L my special houdini act - one minute I was there and the next I was gone!  I could hear her calling me, but I was following my nose across two roads and to some recycling bins that smelt heavenly.  A lovely lady came out of one of the houses to see me and took me into her porch and I could hear her calling C to say I had been found, so I knew it wouldn't be long before L came to collect me.  When I saw her I gave her the biggest tail wag I could muster, but she didn't look happy (though she did let the lovely lady give me some water and two biscuits).  After thanking the lady, L dragged me back home and she seemed a little annoyed so I just did as I was told, then when I got home I said sorry by showing her my most sorry face:


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