Wednesday, 2 November 2016

If only there was smell-o-vision!

I have excelled myself recently....not only did I find some lovely fresh horse wee to roll in, I also went off on an adventure into the woods and returned covered in poo!  I don't even know what animal it was from, but it smelt just paw-tastic to me.

L was less pleased...there was the journey home in the car with all the windows down and then before I knew it I had been tied to the garden gate - oh no, I knew what was coming - a bath!

So out came the shampoo and bowlful after bowlful of warm water!  I managed to entertain L by barking throughout, just to let her know I was still there when she went to fill up the bowl again. Then after what seemed like years I was set free and I went straighht into the kitchen and shook all over the kitchen cupboards.

I was clean, but I could hear L and C muttering all evening that I still stank and I am such a dirty dog - I aim to please!

'I'm STILL here!'

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