Tuesday, 20 July 2010

I just wanted to play with the guinea-pigs...honest!

L & C took me out for a great day on Sunday. I had no idea where we were going so was very excited when the car stopped and my mate Dan the labrador came running over for a play.
I then spotted Dan's seven week old puppies. There are seven of them and they were relaxing in the garden after having their lunch. L was holding one of the boys that needs a home, but C said we don't have room and eventually prized him away from her. To be honest they weren't as much fun as bigger dogs so I went off exploring.

We all then jumped back in the car and went to a BBQ hosted by R & E. I met Sky the pomapoo who was itching to meet me, but I think my size put her off a bit.

L & C unclipped my lead so I had a mooch around the garden and came across Elvis and Toffee the guinea-pigs. They were trapped in a large run and they told me they wanted to get out so I hatched an escape plan. This involved me sticking my whole head under the wire and into the run. I was just about to set them free when I felt a yank from behind and I was swiftly removed from the area by C. I just wanted to play with them!

A picture of innocence...

When the guinea-pigs went home to their hutch later, I was allowed off lead and managed to snaffle more food (I had already had sausages and a burger) and had a nice glug of water from the swimming pool. A very enjoyable day all in all.

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