Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Back from a paw-tastic hollibop!

Mine will be an Adnams Broadside

L & C took me for a lovely holiday last week to Southwold, Suffolk (well really I invited them on my holiday). I did overhear them saying that they were very impressed with me 'as on the whole he behaved himself '.

Though obviously I didn't want to make it too easy for them so on the morning we went I did raid the bin up the local park and grab a bag of grapes (yes I know, they are bad for me, but they smelt tasty). After a bit of chasing around L &C managed to grab the bag which split and the grapes went everywhere so instead I gulped down the empty bag! Don't think they were very impressed!

We arrived at the cottage and I had a good sniff everywhere and checked it was all to my liking. Nearby was a golf course so this is where we went for our morning walks. Each morning I 'accidently' dropped my ball in the sand bunkers and then had to go and get it and also have a quick roll around in the sand with my legs in the air, lovely!

I also discovered some of the holes on the green were filled in with fertiliser and had a munch of it and then slid in it - it smelt lovely. C was a bit worried it would harm me so went over to the man who was raking the bunker (can't imagine why he needed to do that!) and he said the fertiliser was basically chicken poo and wouldn't harm me. No wonder it was soo tasty.

The next day we went for a stroll at Dunwich and the grape bag made an appearance. C got the short straw and got to pull it out gently and it was like a magician pulling out a string of hankerchiefs! The look on my face said it all!

During the week we had loads of lovely walks along the beach and visited Walberswick a couple of times. I also got to do lots of swimming, my favourite past time.

Towards the end of the week we had a walk around the golf course just as the sun was rising so it was pretty dark and I was sporting my flashing collar. I was a little bit naughty by disappearing into a garden and when I ran back to L & C they recoiled in horror at the smell - I had found a lovely fresh pile of horse manure and had a little roll in it. L &C were a bit worried what the owner would think when they went out into their garden and saw their flattened manure (and possibly their plants!). They later took me for a swim to get rid of the stench.

Already looking forward to the next holiday (if I am allowed to come along...)

Below are some photos of my handsome self:

Checking out what is occuring in the street

Here's one I made earlier

Could you throw it now please?!

What could be better?

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