Thursday, 8 December 2011

All this Christmas malarkey is very tiring!

I have been helping Father Christmas sort out a few things for Christmas and I am exhausted! It is very tiring being a reindeer!

L kept mumbling that I wasn't allowed on the sofa, but she left me on there as she was hanging things off some tree branches (aparrently we are having a 'Scandinavian' look this year - whatever that means?!) I have my eye on the branches and might have a munch on them later when no one is looking.

Bingo has also been helping out, but as usual he has been very hungry and had to stop for a snack.

Roll on Christmas! I am very excited as I overheard L & C saying that my Secret Santa present has arrived. We are doing Secret Santa with another doodle from the doodle forum. We went to the pet shop the other day and I chose the present I wanted to send (as well as a few other items that I wanted, but C made me put them back!).

Just catching a few zzzzzzz so I am ready for the big day.

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