Thursday, 5 January 2012

I still smell!

A couple of days ago I got L & C up nice and early and we went down to the beach for a wander. Well, I don't know what it was, but there was this pile of stuff on the beach and it smelt soooo lovely that I just had to have a roll around in it. I then ran over to L & C and they started gagging and saying how disgusting I smelt - not sure what all the fuss was about to be honest.

They then threw my ball into the lagoon, apparently to help get rid of the smell, but it did no good, so they put me to bed in the hope the smell would be better once I was wasn' off we go to the river for a swim....still very smelly apparently.

Then when we get home I am suddenly cornered around the side of the house and given a shampoo. I was not best pleased and L & C weren't too happy with how wet they got (and then Mini was sick in the bedroom and there was talk of 'not having any more blooming pets...')

So anyway 3 days later there is still a slight fishy smell following me around, but I am sure it will go soon........

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