Monday, 22 October 2012

Completely outnumbered....more girls in the house...

I went and stayed at JN's house on Saturday night as L&C were out dressed up as zombies (don't ask!).  I had a brilliant time with loads of walks, treats and oodles of time to play with my new friend Chesker.  We slept in the conservatory together and I was very good and only nibbled the fleece a little bit (the duvet stayed intact).  When L&C came to collect me JN said I had been very good so I got huge brownie points (which I will save up for next time I am naughty!  It also made up for Friday when I punctured a small child's football and made C wait for 20 minutes in the rain while I refused to go back to her.....sorry!)

Anyway, we went home and I had a snooze and then a walk up the farm which was brilliant as there were tons of puddles and I ran through nearly all of them.  We headed home and then L&C went straight out.  When they returned they had two new additions to our family and here they are:

Barbara (aka Babtastic, Babs) 


L&C have adopted Barbara and Elsie from the rescue and holiday boarding place where Bingo and Elvis went on their holidays to.  The people who run it are E&K and they love all the piggies and bunnies sooo much and they were delighted Barbara and Elsie have found a new home.  They don't need to worry about not seeing them though as Barbara and Elsie will be back to stay with them on a regular basis for their holidays.  

Their huge cage

Hiding in the same house

Parsley eating in their cuddle cups

Babs loving her snack

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