Thursday, 15 November 2012

Like a gift from heaven

L took me out for a very muddy walk and after saying hello to some local woofs, some doodle dashing and some bog snorkelling in puddles we headed home.  We got half way down the very muddy footpath when I smelt something delicious and stuck my face into the undergrowth.  And out I came with a dearly departed pigeon in my mouth!!!  It was my lucky day!

Now, I was on the lead (horrible contraption that I hate) so L tired to prise my jaw open, but the harder she tried the more I bit down on my prize.  In the end she had to give up and I ate the whole thing in front of her (there was a lot of bone crunching and some juices splashed on L's coat, but I thought it was delicious!)

When we got home I went to bed for a bit and had a bit of belly ache (I am not used to such a feast, feathers and all) so I rested in my bed for most of the evening.  So really it was win win all round as I loved my snack and L got a peaceful evening. 

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