Thursday, 15 November 2012

Strictly Cow Dancing!

I have come up with a new game show called 'Strictly Cow Dancing!'

Here is how it works:

Week One - the PASA DOBLE

Step 1: find a herd of cows
Step 2: run over to the herd of cows and choose your dancing partner
Step 3: start by taking a bow in front of your partner (they may or may not copy you, usually not)
Step 4: now run back and forth in front of your partner in a mad doodle dash, keeping eye contact with them at all times
Step 5: when the cow trots away run after them
Step 6: end the dance by shunning the cow in a dramatic manner by running back to your owner (who for some reason is frantically waving a ball in the air and calling your name)

Next week the SAMBA.....

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