Monday, 21 January 2013

Snow, snow, glorious snow!

After being on tender hooks for days it finally started snowing on Friday.  It was quite heavy and by lunchtime L was sent home from work and C and I were on our way home too.

We headed up to the park and straight away I was head down sniffing the glorious white stuff.  The park was busy with lots of children on toboggans and these pale people made from the white stuff called 'snowmen'.

By Saturday it had stopped snowing, but there was still plenty of it about to roll around in.  Then yesterday I woke up to find it snowing again and in the afternoon L & C took me out for a long walk in it, bliss.

I don't want it to ever go away, but I have a feeling it isn't here to stay.

Chilly bru-hars!

Snow snorkelling

Brilliant fun

Shall I give it a go?

Who is that handsome chap?!


My best side..

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