Monday, 18 March 2013

Back from my holibops

We have just got back from a brilliant holiday in Kent.  We stayed in a dog friendly cottage in St Margaret-at-Cliffe which was great.  It had a lovely big garden and I was allowed upstairs (though the stairs were a bit steep on the way down!) and it also had Sky+ which meat I could record Crufts while we were out and about and watch it later.

We had every different type of weather possible, including all the seasons in one day on the Tuesday. 

I must admit I was a VERY good dog, apart from escaping from the garden once and stealing 1/3 of a loaf of bread from the kitchen bag on the last morning while L & C were pre-occupied with packing the car.....not bad I'd say. 

Here are some photos of our adventures:
Watching the snow lashing against the window


I found a ball (one of seven I found during the week,
impressive hey?)

Broadstairs beach

My tail blew off in the wind!


A very happy chappy on the beach

Action shot!

Do I have something on my nose?

St Margaret-at Cliffe Bay

Minnis Bay (after the snow storm passed)

Shaking my booty on Folkestone beach

The duck pond in the village (I wasn't allowed near the ducks)
Coming to get ya!

Can you see me in Brockhill County Park?

Poised for action...throw that ball!

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