Friday, 1 March 2013

I'm in the dog house...

Last night was fun....we popped out at 11pm so I could relieve myself before bedtime and then I saw a badger.

He looked lots of fun and I thought 'I would like to meet that badger' and pulled hard on the lead and as if my some miracle my collar unclipped!!  I chased the badger across road and into the grounds of a house (it had a right wiggle on it) and I could hear L and C in hot pursuit.

I ended up in the bushes and had the badger surrounded, but he wasn't coming out from his hidey hole so I decided to have a little wander around the gardens of the house.  I could hear L & C calling me, but there was far too much to explore.

I tiptoed along the verranda of the house and found a nice crunchy bone to much on for a bit.  Once that was devoured I stretched my legs and set off all the security lights again, whoops.  This meant that L & C could see me and they gave chase into the wooded area.

I went as far into the brambles and bushes as I could, but L & C had me cornered and I was captured.

On the walk back home I got the distinct feeling I was in big trouble!  I was only gone for 15 minutes, what's the big deal?!


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