Monday, 11 November 2013

The bandana made me do it!

Skull and crossbones

L took me for a walk the other day and let me off the lead up the footpath to the fields....trouble was I got a sniff of some food as we walked past some houses earlier and thought I had better check it out.  So.....I about turned and wandered down the footpath, crossed the road and followed by nose. 

I could hear L shouting at me, but there is no stopping me when my nose tells me I must go.  I obviously hid quite well because it took her a little while to find me in someones front garden with my face in a black bin liner.  I tried to evade capture, but she lured me in by waving a bonio biscuit at me, sucker!

To my surprise we didn't then go back up the footpath, but I had a lead walk unfair...but I would do it all again!  Plus I blame it on the skull and cross bones bandana L made me wear!

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