Friday, 5 August 2011


My lovely walk with C came to abrupt end when I wandered into the bushes and got some wasps or hornets (not sure which and don't really care!). The stung me a few times on my rump and also on my snout. I yelped and ran back to C and was limping as it really hurt.

We walked/limped back to the car and the pain started to subside, but I was feeling a bit itchy. We then popped around the corner to pick L up from work and as I turned my head to look at her she looked a bit shocked. My snout had swelled up on one side and apparently I looked like a comedy cartoon dog (glad they could see the funny side).

On the way home we stopped at the vets so they could book me in for my annual booster (great, more pain) and checked with the vet that I would be ok. Luckily the itching subsided and I had a good snooze and was right as rain later that evening.

I'll tell you what though, if I get my paws on those wasps/hornets....

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