Thursday, 4 August 2011

Party time!

L & C invited a few friends round for a BBQ (hence the garden make-over) and on the day I got to go to stay the night at CG's house. CG takes me out for occasional pack walks which are so much fun and looks after me overnight sometimes.

You might think I would be sad to miss the party, but I have so much fun at CG's house. I arrived to find 6 other dogs there and I quickly took a liking to Poppy the black labrador (If you get my drift...).

We all went out for a lovely long walk and that evening I slept on a dog bed! CG had said it was fine for me not to bring my crate with me and after a little while trying out all 6 beds on offer I opted for the blue cord one. I am very pleased to say that I was an angel, no food was stolen, no soft furnishings destroyed. When CG told L & C this the next day I heard them mumbling something about me being a different dog when I am at CG's....dunno what they mean.

Apparently, lots of people at the party were sad I wasn't there, but there were comcerns there would be no sausages for anyone else if I was there!

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