Friday, 9 March 2012

I have been poorly sick

It was susch a good idea at the time...I was at work with C and having a mooch around the back of one of the buildings when I spied a container that had some cooking fat in it. It smelt pretty good to me so I ate as much as I could before C stopped me. All was ok for a little while, but on the way home in the car a gurgling started in my tummy and then it all came up! C pulled into a petrol station and sat me on the back seat of the car while she cleared up the mess in my crate and I managed to not be sick the rest of the journey home.

This is how I felt afterwards... the early hours of the morning up came the rest! I decided not to wake L & C and waited until they got up to walk me in the morning to show them how sorry for myself I was feeling. So at 6am L cleaned out my crate and changed my vetbed. Apparently there were leaves in it as well....well it all tasted tasty at the time! By the time we got back from my walk I was starving, but only allowed a small breakfast, not fair at all!

After a morning snooze I was feeling back to my normal self and L & C seemed to have forgiven me!

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