Friday, 9 March 2012

I might be on the telly!

...well I probably won't be, but when we were at Ardingly antiques market on wednesday they were filming Bargain Hunt and there may well be a shot of me walking past (looking rather wet, but still very handsome...and modest!).

We all got sooo wet. When we arrived it was just spitting a bit, but then the heavens opened. We are hardened to the rain so had a good look around.

I met a horse just standing there in the middle of all the stalls, but when I barked at it and sniffed it and there was no response. People were laughing at me as apparently it was a model, but you can never be too sure.

L had some birthday money to spend and bought a wooden trug and planted some hyacinths in it. Below are some photos of it. I have prodded all the plants to check them all out and I am pleased to be able to report they have passed my checks.

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