Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Paralympics and a weekend of swimming

I got back yesterday from staying with Tara and C's parents for the weekend. While I was there L & C went to see athletics at the Paralympics and said they had a brilliant time. They made me look through loads of photos (yawn), but here are the best ones.

On arrival

Go Team GB!

View from their seats - apparently the cauldron was kicking out some heat and they put some jacket spuds in to cook!

Thousands of people all cheering and waving flags makes a lot of noise

The stadium all lit up

Anyway, back to me. So I went to stay and J & L took us swimming at Calshot a couple of times which was paw-tastic! Just look at us go:

Tara (left) and me (right)

Tara is lots of fun and she loves to play, but she does pester me a lot and races me to the water bowl and the humans. I think once she realises she has her paws firmly under the table at J's house she will chillax a bit more.

Relaxing with J

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