Friday, 17 May 2013

Don't call me Gappy!

I broke a tooth on a pebble at the beach a few years ago and on Sunday I was in awful pain and had a big swollen face on the right hand side.  L & C quickly decided that I had an abscess under the broken tooth and I was taken off to the vets on Monday for some antibiotics.  It is great as the pills are hidden in a lovely piece of ham (they think I don't know they are in there, doh!)

So yesterday I went back to that place I love called 'the vets' (I always like going there as there are lots of lovely smells and sometimes in the waiting room I get to stare at a cat in a basket).  Anyway, the nurse led me around the back and that is the last thing I remember (apart from some very vivid dreams) until I was collected late afternoon.

I had the broken tooth removed, plus another tooth that had split and an epulis removed (a common lump that dogs can get).  Yesterday evening was a bit of a blur and L & C kept smiling at me in that 'oh dear, we have a poorly pup' way and I did some excellent swaying side to side when I tried to stand up.

This morning I am back in the room!!  Feeling much better (though my mouth is still a little sore).  I tried to steal a ball out of the back of the car before C could notice, but she saw me and took it straight off me (I'll try and nab it again later). 

Just don't call me Gappy!

Sooooo sleepy

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