Friday, 24 August 2012

Doodley Dogs

My best 'of course I will behave' pose

A few weeks ago L & C put me in the car and we drove along the seafront road....I thought oh no we are going to that B&Q place again (my third least favourite shop after 1: Sainsburys and 2: M&S garage), but we carried on driving past B&Q and then turned up towards a place called Doodley Dogs

It is run by Matt and Leon and has a 10,000 square foot indoor play park, a new outdoor play park, a hydrotherapy pool and a boutique dog hotel. What more could a pooch ask for! L & C took me up the steps to the front door, told me to behave (yeah right!) and in we went.

Matt showed us around and it looked and smelt brilliant. L & C had a look into the play park (I was too short to look through the window in the door, but there were definately doggy noses sniffing the bottom of the door so I had a good sniff and barked a hello). We then saw the hydrotherapy pool and went and had a look at the hotel rooms.

There are three rooms: the Brighton Suite with a mini beach hut to sleep in, the Temple Room which looked very relaxing and the L'Amour suite. L did mention that the cushions might have to be moved if I stayed there (what?! I just like to free the stuffing!)

I could tell L & C were very impressed with the place (it had been highly recommended by J and her Welsh terrier Noodles) and the very next day they took me back there to try it out for the afternoon. It was paw-tastic!! I had so much fun and headed straight over to play with Cassie the cream labradoodle and an English bull terrier.

I knew L & C wouldn't be too worried about me as they know I just love to play and play, but I could see they were happy when they collected me and Matt's first words were 'He's a bundle of fun!'

So last night I was relaxing after my day playing with Kara when I heard C mention that I will have to go there again soon... brilliant, I wonder how many new friends I will make?

Dreaming of my next visit to Doodley Dogs

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