Friday, 24 August 2012

Introducing my new lady friend Tara

C's parents J & L have rescued Tara the labrador/? cross (I think she might be labrador/German shepherd) and we met for the first time yesterday. She is lots of fun and has tons of energy like me. I think we are going to get on woof-tastically!

Tara LOVES water and soon plunged both front legs in to L & C's new water garden (also known as my new drinking bowl, see earlier post below) and snapped off a few of the water lilies leaves...whoops-a-daisy!
Though L said the water lily will grow too big at some point (they should have bought a minature one, doh!) so a few less leaves won't matter. Phew!

Here we are together in the garden...though by this time we were both pretty tired as we had been playing a lot.

Check out this video of us messing around. Terrance the paddling pool came in very handy for cooling us down, I had a good dig in him and Tara laid down in him a couple of times.

I am going to stay with her for the weekend soon and I heard L & C saying I will be very very tired when I get back which will be good news - I can't imagine why they would want me to be tired.....

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