Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Labrathief strikes again!

I don't know what all the fuss was about!

L & C took me to Stanmer Park for a walk in the woods and I was very excited. I ran over and picked up a little girl's football as I thought she might like to play and she started to cry, whoops! L & C were running around chasing me for the ball so I showed them some of my best moves - mainly waiting until they were really close and then darting in the opposite direction! I think they may have been shouting 'LEAVE' but I was having too much fun to notice. Eventually I dropped the ball and was put on the lead by L.

We walked further across the park and there weren't many people about so I was let off and decided to say hello to a lady sunbathing. She looked very surprised when my wet nose woke her up.

With my excellent eyesight I then spotted, right over the other side of the park, a picnic - fantastic! I ran over to see what was on offer and found myself a sandwich AND a piece of birthday cake. L came jogging over (I know, jogging!) and apologised to the woman. Apparently the cake was for her friend who wouldn't be very happy. Who could not be happy about cake?!

Checking the Picnic Police weren't after me

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