Tuesday, 22 June 2010

I've been on my hols!

L & C have been away on holiday (without me, sob...sob...) and so I have been to stay with C's parents. I had a fantastic time! Mini Cat came too, but she was boring and hid, I mean slept, upstairs most of the time.

I love going to stay as there is a whole new house to explore, a different grassy area in the back garden I try and get on to (I'm not allowed on it at their house either, damn!) and lots of opportunities for mischief!

I had lots of fun trying to reach the birds' fat ball, but then this got moved. I 'helped' with the patio plants by digging over the soil a bit and then found a brush for the mess, but prefered to have a chew on it (getting those bristles out from in between my teeth proved very problematic).

I was taken on lots of lovely walks and went swimming at Netley which was great.

My dainty entrance into the water

Is it Nessy?

A post-swim itch
I overheard someone saying I can come again next year for a week, but I think really they would like me back to stay much sooner than that!

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