Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Sunbathing snakes and jumping toads

L&C took me for a walk up the railway trail last night. We didn't meet any other dogs which was a shame, but there was a lovely breeze sending lots of scents my way to investigate.

Halfway through our wander L&C came upon a snake which looked like a baby adder. It was lying in the middle of the path soaking up some rays.
Unfortunately, I can't confirm what kind of snake it was because I was very busy rolling around on my back, waving my legs in the air in a nearby golf bunker!
Then, this morning I was sniffing along the fence in the back garden and I got a shock when a toad jumped out from behind a piece of wood. He hopped away when I barked hello, so I didn't get the chance to invite him into my paddling pool for a swim.

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